7 Wine Accessories You Don’t Have GIVE AWAY

Here are seven wine accessories you don’t have that you may find helpful. These also make the perfect gift for any wino on your gift list for upcoming weddings, birthdays, or special occasion. Several weeks ago, I was approached by wine accessory site, True Fabrications about helping promote their site. They were very accommodating in providing a Vinturi Deluxe Aerator Kit for me to review and one to give away. Now, we’re giving away a $50 gift card to their site. (DISCLOSURE: DrinkNectar is not receiving compensation for this promotion, only providing a gift card to one lucky reader). I […]


Vinturi Aerator and Wine Review!

“It looks like a sculpture.” “What are those mesh things…does that thing have speakers?!” These were the reactions from the wife and the boy when I set up the Vinturi Deluxe Aerator. When wino friends showed up later that evening for wine and dessert, they ooohed and ahhhed, exclaiming, “I’ve got to have one!” I’m not sure paying $80 for a conversation piece is worth it, but I have paid more for things that are far more useless and look way less cool! So, why would you possibly be in the market for a Vinturi Aerator? Simple…in a word…impatience. We […]


Wine Accessories: Tools for the Journey Ahead

WELCOME GUEST BLOGGER Joshua Sweeney A favorite saying among online wine reviewers is that wine is a journey, not a destination. What this means is that we should be drinking wine for the experience of it, not the effect. When you’re in college (and this is the cliché that we always fall back on, as if there aren’t discerning drinkers pursuing a higher degree), quaffing whatever beverage loaded with a high alcohol percentage is proffered to us, any plastic cup filled from any jug, cooler, bathtub, or keg will do. Once we move beyond the destination of drinking to get drunk […]


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