Merlot Gets Its Groove Back

If you’re not drinking Merlot because of a silly little quote in a silly little movie, then you are missing out on a sexy, smooth wine that can be full of flavor and is an amazing value! A recent Nielson study shows that more American households purchase Merlot than any other wine variety (red or white). “I say it’s time for Merlot to raise its battered flag and reclaim its position as the broadly fruited, texturally satisfying, food-friendly red wine it can be.” Paul Gregutt Check out the article on Cork’d featuring Merlot and the upcoming #WAMerlot event on March […]


Maximize Participation in WAMerlot

The online Washington Wine Tasting Event of the year is on March 25. This leaves only a little time to secure your Washington Merlot and prepare your activity for the evening. The beauty of a Twitter Tasting is that you can participate however you feel comfortable. With nearly 80 Washington State wineries participating and hopefully 1000 tweeters, there will be plenty of opportunity to join the conversation. Think of it as a giant cocktail party. You may not be a part of every conversation happening in the room, but the opportunity to network, connect with other wine lovers, and learn […]


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