From Sorority Girl to Sommelier

Guest Blog Christine Collier from @southernORwine I may look more like a sorority girl than a sommelier, but that is exactly the reason I am pursuing my Court of Master Sommeliers certification. I want to level out the playing field with more formal wine knowledge to offset my 23 year-old, blonde, perky self. As a wine blogger and social marketing coordinator for an Oregon winery, many questioned why I was pursuing the Court of Master Sommeliers program instead of the Masters of Wine. And to tell you the truth, the first reason was the higher cost of the MW, but more importantly, […]


Corkd – Ask a Sommelier

Today’s post is featured on Cork’d. Last week I asked the Twitterers and Facebook “likers” if they had any questions for a Sommelier. The result was 8 questions and a BONUS question that was sure to stump our guest Sommelier, Yashar Shayan. Yashar is on the Sommelier team for Seastar Restaurants in the Seattle area. Seastar won Wine Spectator Magazine “Best of Award of Excellence” wine list in 2009. What question would you ask a Sommelier? Do you have a strange food pairing question? Are you dying to know a particular wine fact? Are you curious if being a sommelier is […]


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