Wine Evangelist – A Skype Chat with the Washington Wine Commission

The evangelists for Washington Wine, carrying the wine into tasting room battles around the world and helping raise the awareness for the state – this is the Washington Wine Commissions mantra. The Washington Wine Commission is a state agency that was established in 1987 to raise positive awareness and create demand for Washington wines. More has been written about Washington Wine in the last month than any time in recent memory, if not ever. After a recent article called, Are Washington Wines Coming of Age, I wanted to sit down with the commission to hear firsthand how they are spreading […]


Every Winery Has a Story to Tell

  Every winery has a story to tell. Some begin with romance and others with passion. The dreams and visions of each wine maker are unique, yet they collectively bring a liquid art form into the world that fuels the mind, body and soul of those that enjoy it. Behind every bottle is a late night harvest, a growing emergency, a magical discovery, a pruning love affair, or a blending accident. Allie Merrick and Peter Eizel want to help wineries share their story…in their own words. Allie and Peter have been telling their story about wine in their own words […]


A Skype Chat With Seattle Wine Gal

“Who the hell is this SeattleWineGal girl,” I thought as I started my tweeting and blogging adventure in November. Her avatar was cute…her blog showed a picture of her chuggin’ wine from a bottle and there was a social media slide show on her site called “What the F**k is Social Media.” Seattle Wine Gal was an enigma wrapped in a mystery. Enter the scene six months later and now Barbara Evans (aka @SeattleWineGal) is a Seattle socialite, Twitter Goddess (dare I say Twoddess), and full time Social Media consultant. Barbara is one of the rare few that have successfully […]


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