Progress Report: Construction Delays and Collaboration

Everyone knows that when opening a business things never go according to plan and you always spend more than you budgeted. I wish I could say my adventure was different. My original goal was to have Nectar Tasting Room open with a soft launch by November 11 but as it stands now, we probably won’t even have lights, furniture, or a bar installed by then. I’m still keeping an optimistic outlook for a soft launch on Friday, November 26 and an all out marketing assault and opening party on December 3. After a full 10 days of delays and minimal […]


A Sneak Peek Inside Nectar Tasting Room

  Welcome to a sneak peek of Nectar Tasting Room. Last week I announced the upcoming opening of a wine tasting room in downtown Spokane. Five Washington wineries will share a 2000 square foot space as their satellite tasting room. The lease has been signed, the wineries have been selected and now the journey begins. There are three questions everyone asks once they hear of the new venture. Where is it? When are you going to open? What wineries are involved? The first I can answer with absolute certainty. The location is 120 N. Stevens right on the corner of […]


Introducing Nectar Tasting Room

Four years ago I told my wife, “I want to open a wine and coffee bar,” a combination of retail wine, wine by the glass, and Starbucks. Money in the morning, money in the evening, a business model that combines the two things I love! While not quite that exact same vision, today marks the biggest announcement and biggest adventure I’ve embarked on. Last year, I started this blog with the intention of reaching out to wine lovers in the Spokane area for an eventual business opening. I distinctly remember saying, “If I can open a business in a few […]


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