Episode #10 Robert Karl Cellars

  Spokane is a growing wine region. With 17 wineries and a local population of nearly 500,000 people, Spokane wineries are poised to experience great growth opportunities over the next 5 years! Robert Karl, one of the regions first, is a gem hidden away in a pocket of downtown dating back to Spokane’s origins. Originally a horse drawn firehouse, Robert Karl Cellars entire annual production of its 2500 cases, is at 115 W Pacific Ave just one block west of Division. The tasting room is open Thursday – Saturday. Joe and Rebecca Gunselman moved to Spokane in 1998 after Dr. Joe (anesthesiologist) […]


Episode 1 Introduction to the "NectarView"

I am totally excited to post my first video blog. Welcome to EPISODE 1 – November 13, 2009. Inside, I provide some basic introductions and a quick review of a 2007 Red Diamond Merlot from WA. Not a  bad wine for $7. Taste: Big, fruity, bold Flavor: Cherry, Plum, Vanilla, hints of Cocoa and Caramel Finish: Mild tanins, mildy acidic Rating to Price ratio: 3 out of 5 Check out the video and provide your comments. It’ll take me a few more days to set up my first ‘on the street’ nectarview. Thanks for watching drink happy


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