How a Groupon can make or break your business

Groupon and daily deal sites are projected to be worth over $4.2 billion by the year 2015*. There are dozens of daily deal sites, although most of them operate in generally the same way; for small business owners, these daily deals can make or break a business. Thinking of a Groupon? This $20 class can save you thousands. CLICK HERE to REGISTER. The way daily deals are structured Generally, daily deal services are structured in such a way that both the merchant and the daily deal service both make money in some way. Groupon splits the income from the daily deal half and half, […]


The Rules of Relationship Marketing

Last week, I had the opportunity and good fortune to share my Thanksgiving wine picks with Spokane area wine lovers on KXLY920 radio station and KXLY TV’s Good Morning Northwest show. While some may think of me as a media whore, I love these opportunities to showcase Spokane wine and of course Nectar Tasting Room. While these opportunities sometimes seem to come out of the blue, they are not by accident, they are by design. The great thing is that anyone can develop the relationships they need for success in their industry. Over the last few months I’ve been doing […]


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