Stop HR 5034

Today’s DrinkNectar post is featured on Cork’d. Starting this week, I’ll be featuring two posts per week over with the fine folks at WineLibrary! Cork’d is becoming an online playground for all things wine. STOP THE MADNESS – NOW IS THE TIME FOR ACTION Read the post here and be sure to take action. April 19, I created a Facebook page to help draw attention to the potentially disastrous legislation that would cripple small business wineries and could close the doors on direct to customer shipping. The page is an aggregate of information and a space to express your concerns […]


The Government and the Three Tiered Mafia

I’m honored to have an article featured on Cork’d today. This web site is part of social media and wine sensation Gary Vaynerchuk’s media empire, Vaynermedia. In the article I talk about the Three Tiered distribution system in the wine and spirits industry and how the current laws are archaic, anti-competitive, suppressive toward capitalism, and communist in enforcement. As long as the three-tier system is in place, the U.S. wine market will continue to be a crippled shell of what it could become. Can we fix it? If Social Media has any power, it has the power to call problems to people’s […]


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