100th Post, Hundreds of Stories

For a mere four month’s DrinkNectar.com has been a labor of love for me. Birthed out of a desire to brand a future Spokane business the blog has morphed and grown into an extension of my passion for coffee and wine. While today may not match the longevity recently celebrated by a twitter friend and wine blogger @Lenndevours of the New York Cork Report (SIX YEARS!), it marks a small milestone for me – THIS IS THE 100TH POST OF DRINKNECTAR.COM.  Check out WA Merlot on WineLibrary I love celebrating milestones and I’m a stat geek (I look at stats […]


China and Sex Appeal – The Future of Wine

While Americans are already indebted to China for saving us from economic collapse (to the tune of $1.7 trillion dollars / 10% of our national debt), we will soon be thanking them for the explosion of the wine market to heights never seen. Wine makers will struggle to keep up with demand and our amber waves of grain could proliferate with gnarly green vines of grapes. Gary Vaynerchuk may even finally be able to buy the NY Jets if he can get exclusive shipping rights to the peoples republic. Replacing their Pinyin with Wine China as always been enamored with all things ‘western’ […]


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