Left Bank Wine Reviews Part 2

Tonight, I want to continue our experience from last nights visit to Left Bank Wine Bar in downtown Spokane (thanks again to Aaron, Katrina and Jennifer). Of the four wines we tasted, the Amavi definitely had the most personality and structure. Left Bank wine buyer, Jennifer, mentioned that it is their best seller and the only red that has been on their menu for the entire seven months they’ve been open. For the visual experience refer to Episode 2 of DrinkNectar.com The 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon from Walla Walla, WA was big and bold, but not quite as big as most Washington Cabs. Amavi […]


Episode 2 – Left Bank Wine Bar

Left Bank is Today’s GROUPON OF THE DAY! < Click to buy Get $25 worth of wine and food for only $12. Sign me up.    Tonight we were excited to explore a new(er) wine bar in downtown Spokane, Left Bank Wine Bar. I Saw a tweet that local musical genius Darin Hilderbrand was performing at 8pm, so we hopped in the Jeep, braved the snow and headed downtown. I brought my flip cam hoping to capture the essence of the place . Left Bank is at 108 N Washington (although I refer to it several times incorrectly in the video – to […]


Episode 1 Introduction to the "NectarView"

I am totally excited to post my first video blog. Welcome to EPISODE 1 – November 13, 2009. Inside, I provide some basic introductions and a quick review of a 2007 Red Diamond Merlot from WA. Not a  bad wine for $7. Taste: Big, fruity, bold Flavor: Cherry, Plum, Vanilla, hints of Cocoa and Caramel Finish: Mild tanins, mildy acidic Rating to Price ratio: 3 out of 5 Check out the video and provide your comments. It’ll take me a few more days to set up my first ‘on the street’ nectarview. Thanks for watching drink happy


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