Now Hiring – Spokane Tasting Room Leader


Nectar Tasting Room is looking for a qualified, motivated and passionate individual to fill a full time shift as a wine tasting room leader. Nectar is a wine industry leader in Spokane with a growing reputation for knowledgeable and friendly staff. The position requires availability of 30-35 hours per week. Duties include leading wine tasting, table side service of wine and appetizers, event service and management, wine club management. Some evenings and weekends. This is for the 120 N Stevens location downtown but potential cross training at Nectar Wine and Beer in Kendall Yards is available. Essential skills: Prior service […]


Twigs and Terra Blanca Announce Partnership

Keith and ReNae Pilgrim are pleased to announce that they have selected award-winning Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar to be their exclusive caterer for the winery event facility and for the winery’s weekend cafe, Café Orsa. “Since we opened the new building and event facility on Red Mountain in 2006 the winery has worked with a variety of restaurants and caterers but with the movement of Twigs, a longtime winemaking partner, into the community we were presented with a unique opportunity,” said winemaker Keith Pilgrim. “We’ve been creating wines for Twigs and the Blackwell family, who own the Twigs restaurants […]


Happy Second Birthday Nectar Wine Blog

Two years ago, I had no idea that registering the domain name at GoDaddy would change my life. While the story still continues to unfold, today I celebrate the second birthday of this social experiment. The last two years has contained many challenges, opportunities for growth, and so many blessings and successes. In the midst of it all, I’m reminded of something I recently read: “You are exactly who, what, where you are supposed to be and you are lovely.” Last night I was reading through the ‘happy birthday, year one’ post thinking, “Wholly heck, how in the world […]


The Social Experiment – Nectar Opens to a Packed House

One week ago today I was frantic. The blog that began in November 2009, with the intention to start a business, was finally fulfilling its vision. Just hours before opening we were still waiting for fire department approval, decorations were still arriving, catering for the evening had yet to arrive, and the credit card terminal still wasn’t processing. As someone who prides themselves on being organized, I felt overwhelmed and under prepared. How would the weekend turn out? Could social media marketing motivate people to action? Would the whole event be a non-event or would we experience success? For those […]


Looking Into the 2011 Wine Crystal Ball

Several stories dominated the 2010 wine news wire. The themes ranged from economic struggle and contraction to the emancipation of grape distribution. 2010 also marked the tipping point of wine blogging and wineries began to embrace new technology and social marketing strategies. The Wine Blogger’s Conference came of age in Walla Walla and the Hosemaster of Wine went into retirement. James Suckling left Wine Spectator to pursue an online site and the original wine blogger, Robert Parker began tweeting. What news stories will dominate the 2011 landscape? Will the economy continue to impact the wine industry? Will the grapes finally […]


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