Porch Summer Sippers

Guest blog post #3 from author @thevinofile I’ve never truly understood when people talk about transitioning to their white wine porch sippers as the warm weather approaches in late spring.  It’s not that I don’t like white wine, and certainly it gets hot early here in Southern California, it is just that I’ve never really had a porch.  You see in L.A. where real estate averages over $300 a square foot a small porch can cost a guy $20,000 – so most of your “20-something” years are spent in a rental.  In the natural So Cal rental progression one starts […]


The Fine Art of the Manhattan

Guest blog post #2 from author Dustin Cann @dustincann I’m a big fan of wine, I really am.  I love the way it can be so complex, yet so simple.  I love the way it smells and the way it can make great food even better.  But when I’m on the road, there’s absolutely nothing that centers me after a long day better than a well-made Manhattan.  See, I spend a great deal of my time bouncing between my home in Memphis and client sites in cities like San Francisco, DC, Detroit, as far away as India.  And in the […]


Are You Bored With Girls Night Cocktails?

Guest blog #1 from Coryn Briggs @bstar2009 Are you bored with your girls’ night out cocktails? Has that Cosmopolitan lost its luster? Look no further than your local wine shop for wine selections and food pairing ideas. I’ve included my current list of top five favorite wines along with ideas for food pairings and girls’ night out activities.  Wines listed below are not in any kind of order– all are wonderful and need to be enjoyed in the company of good friends.  2008 Erath Vineyard Pinot Gris – How do I love this wine let me count the ways… First, […]


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