Wine Advice: Drink More, Drink New, Drink Personal, Drink Happy


Wine is art. Wine is sexy. Wine is passion. Wine is the most intriguing drink created. Wine is part of religious ceremonies. Jesus turned water into wine and even drank wine with his disciples as part of everyday life. Wine is sipped not shot, savored not slammed. Wine is discussed, debated,  sought after and collected. But… …for many, wine is confusing. As someone who drinks a lot of wine, I’d like to offer three suggestions to help with your understanding of this mysterious nectar. 1. Drink more – okay, I realize this may have a controversial insinuation. I’m not encouraging […]


Introducing the Buy Wine Direct Challenge for Washington Wine Month

March is Washington Wine Month. How are you going to celebrate? With over 700 wineries, Washington is the country’s second largest producer of wine behind California. Whether you’re enjoying the oldest (and largest) winery in the state, Chateau St. Michelle, or one of the 25 wineries that have a home in Spokane, there isn’t a shortage of options. I’d like to offer a challenge for this month (and actually every month). Let’s start a revolution. #buywinedirect The “Buy Wine Direct” movement is a challenge to buy wine from the source or to support locally owned wine shops. Initiatives like HR-1161 […]


Nectar March 2012 Spokane Wine Events

March. Daylight savings time, St Patrick’s Day, Spring…I can almost feel the sunshine on my face as I anticipate the rebirth of the grass, trees, and flowers! If you’ve been following along, you know we’ve been BUSY at Nectar. In February we announced a new expanded food menu and partnerships with local restaurants. We also decided to lease the 1000 sq ft next to Nectar and use it for an extra event space, large event overflow and more. The Barrel Room should be done by April 1. Check out our EVENTS PAGE for all the details. March 1 – 3 […]


Introducing The Barrel Room – Expansion at Nectar

Space. The final frontier. At the beginning of the year we set out with three goals in mind. 1) More food options. Last week we announced an expansion of our menu with some unique partnerships with nearby restaurants. 2) Market more like a winery. More on this in the coming weeks. 3) Greater focus on our event rental business. That brings us to today’s big announcement. We have entered into an agreement to lease the adjoining 1000 square feet next to Nectar (formerly known as the LaunchPadINW Training Center). Over the next several weeks you’ll see the space transform into […]


Nectar Tasting Room Expands Food Options

Starting Thursday, February 16, Nectar Tasting Room is excited to announce they have more food options. Since opening in January 2011, Nectar has provided guests with a large or small meat and cheese tray. “We saw a need and listened to our guests who are looking for a few more options when it comes to food,” says owner Josh Wade. “While being a restaurant or wine bar is not our business model, we knew we could do more.” Nectar has expanded the relationship it has with local caterer Just a Couple of Moms and developed a partnership with restaurants within […]


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