Drinking Wine and Crafting at our Pinterest Party

If I could only find a job where I could get paid to drink wine, use Pinterest and entertain people…hmmm…oh, wait, that is my job! Recently we had our first ever PINTEREST party at Nectar Tasting Room! Wine, crafts and spray paint, what could go wrong?

Pinterest is the popular social media site where users create interest boards and pin various images from across the internet for a visual favorites/reminder/inspiration site. Many pins are food, craft, clothing and decoration related. Inspired by my popular “12 Merry Christmas Wine Decorations” blog post, I decided to host a crafting party where my friends could make these amazing wine craft ideas.

Download the Pinterest Wine Craft PDF

Step by step instructions and shopping list for each craft

The Sunday afternoon was a great example of how wine brings together friends for laughter and memories. A good group of 20+ people showed up to explore their creative side. Some, like me, were crafting newbies, while others showed their craft prowess for the whole group. We had fun, learned together and consumed quite a few glasses of grapes in the process. Everyone left with at least one fun Christmas craft and lots of memories.

Snowy Wine Bottle Centerpiece

This craft only requires a bottle (or more) of wine, white primer, epsom salts, and any assorted decorations you want to spruce up your display. The lesson learned here is to spray your bottles in a well ventilated area. One can of spray paint will fully cover about 8 bottles.

Evergreen Festive Bottle

I really loved how these crafts turned out. With a little metal twine and some evergreen sprigs, holly berries, pine cones, and decorative elements, a regular ole wine bottle can be a festive accent piece.

Oh Corksmas Tree

Our crafters really got in the spirit with their corksmas trees. With a little glue and some creativity, we had a great variety to cork themed trees.

Cork Wreath

All you need is 5 corks, some glue and a little ribbon for this holiday ornament. I think a whole wine themed Christmas tree should be a goal for next year’s party!

Special thanks to my craft helpers at the party and to photographer Jeff Schindler. See all of his amazing work here and view all the pictures from the party on his Facebook page (like it while you’re there).


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