5 Essentials for Facebook Timeline for Brands

Facebook timeline for brands is here. Regardless of your likes, dislikes or opinions or the controversy of change, businesses who embrace the timeline and maximize its features will build more engagement…and, engagement, after all is what we’re after. The more people you are “Top of Mind” with, the better off  your business and brand will be. Stay tuned at the end of the video and I’ll tell you how you can get a free resource for effectively using Facebook Timeline for brands.


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Let’s dive into five essential things to know about Timeline for brands.

1. Cover Photo

Big real estate for brand awareness. The large 851 x 315 pixel image is an awesome opportunity to create a big brand impression. Keep in mind that Facebook has some strict rules that you cannot use this space for calls to action (like, join email list, etc), promotions (big sale) or even contact info like web sites, email addresses etc. Think through this image and real estate as it is the first thing users will see. This is a phenomenal branding opportunity, take advantage of it.

2. The Timeline

The timeline gives you an opportunity to tell your story. You can add a history of your business, milestones and continue with engaging pieces of content. Various aspects of the timeline are now customized to the user experience. Users will see content specific to their friends who interact with your page.

One major change is the way user posted content lives on the page. As an administrator you can choose to moderate content, have content live in a specific region of the new timeline or turn off fan posts entirely.

Timeline is more engaging bringing users back to the actual page more frequently than the previous version of brand pages. Be sure to post frequently 3-5 times per day and be engaging with photos, videos, questions, etc. Facebook is hoping timeline directs visitors to your page more frequently.

3. Default Landing Tabs

With timeline, the first thing every visitor is directed to is the home page. Landing pages that direct new users to “like the page” or incent users with coupons or email sign ups can no longer be made the default. Landing pages and custom content tabs are under the cover photo. Three are visible with an infinite amount available. Landing pages now become part of the content you can share and direct visitors to as part of your status update. One cool new feature is that brands can now create custom images for the landing pages.

4. Pinning and Highlighting

Timeline allows administrators the ability to showcase pieces of content by either highlighting or pinning. Highlighting stretches the content across the full space of the timeline. Planning on highlighted content. Customize with a 843 x 403 image

The pinning feature pins a status update at the top of the timeline. Now you can bring popular posts or create specific campaigns where users can interact with a specific piece of content. Pins last for 7 days. The pinned image dimensions are 403×403 square.

5. Messages and engagement

Timeline allows users to send private messages to a brand as well. In addition to messages, brands can no longer restrict the wall view to only show their posts. Brands CAN manually approve posts from fans. Facebook is looking for engagement between brands and fans. That engagement is important.

Timeline provides a lot of opportunity to connect with your fans. Keep these five items in mind and you will run a successful and engaging page.

Now, we want to give you a helpful resource. Our friends at Wildfire Apps have put together a resource guide. Click the link to get the free resource with helpful reminders and tips.


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nectarMEDIA is owned by Josh Wade of Nectar Tasting Room and Spokane Wine Magazine. nectarMEDIA provides relationship marketing and social media branding, management and mayhem for small and big business. Josh was voted one of the region’s top business people under 40 in 2011. Josh’s businesses were built exclusively using social media and the power of relationships. Nectar Tasting Room was voted the best new business of 2011 and after it’s first year was nominated by readers of The Inlander (the region’s most read publication) as the Best Wine Bar (3rd place). Visit the nectarMEDIA web site and find nectarMEDIA on Facebook and Twitter.


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