The Best Things Ever…Okay at least for 2011

What were the most engaging posts on this blog for 2011? Which wine and social media news pieces rocked your world and made their way across the twitterverse and social web? I’m certain that your day won’t quite be the same without this information, so I’m taking the time to fulfill the emptiness in your life by sharing this highly sought after information.

I jest of course, however, I like to compile these posts for those new to the site, searching the site, and for posterity. It’s fun to look back at the ‘best of’ over the years.

Check out the “Top 10 Wines of 2011” and “Happy Birthday, Year One

The following were the ‘most engaging’ as ranked by The engagement rankings are based on an algorithm of comments, retweets, and Facebook shares.

#10 & #9

Nectar Quarterly Cheers for Charity

Giving back should be a part of every business model. In August we announced a quarterly program called “Cheers for Charity” where we will partner with one local non-profit every quarter. We donate our space for an event and give back a portion of our proceeds to benefit the organization. September we partnered with the American Childhood Cancer Organization Inland Northwest and helped them raise $500. In December we hosted “A Season of Wishes and Wine” for the Make a Wish Foundation. They raised over $6,000 at that event. I’m proud to see these efforts in the top 10 for the year.


Happy Second Birthday Nectar Wine Blog

A look at the highlights from year #2 of this blog. After over 400 posts and 250,000 views, we’ve been blessed to be on,, honored as a top business in Spokane and so much more.




Naches Heights All Organic AVA

Four months before the official recognition as Washington’s 12th American Viticultural Association growing region, wine slinger Sulo Abeid offers a great piece of reporting on the proposed Naches Heights AVA and their efforts to be Washington’s only all-organic growing area.



12 Merry Wine Christmas Decorations

Further proof that everyone loves crafty ideas using wine bottles and wine corks. Inspired by other popular posts on this blog and activity on, we share 12 creative Christmas decorating ideas using wine bottles and corks. While the holidays are behind us for 2011, make these part of your 2012 plans.



Spokane’s Holiday Wine Festival

I love it when Spokane based posts rank so high in lists like this. It shows the great interest in Spokane wine and the power of Google search. Originally appearing in the second issue of Spokane Wine Magazine, this article by Sulo Abeid highlights the activities and events around one of Spokane’s premier wine events.


The Rules of Relationship Marketing

Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ offer brands and businesses an opportunity to engage and develop relationships with their clients. This post looks at three of the basic rules of relationship marketing in the technology age. 1) Be Genuine 2) Be Purposeful 3) Be Giving.


The Five Best Wines You’ll Ever Have

Wine often mystifies and is seldom the same. Vintage variation, winemaker whimsy, and laborious labels can make choosing something you LOVE like dropping a quarter in the state of Texas and sending you out blindfolded to find it. If I had a dollar for every time I was asked, “What is  your favorite wine?” I would actually be writing this post from the beaches of Aruba or some exotic place. To help answer the question, I’ve identified the 5 best wines you will ever have. I’m sure you’ll agree!


Facebook Rolls Out Places Recommendations

Businesses know the power of a ‘like,’ referral or recommendation. In July Facebook rolled out recommendations for business pages (and at the time, ‘places’ pages). This post looked at the new features and some potential uses for businesses looking to maximize the power of a referral.


Hello Kindness, Are You There?  Wine Tasting Gone Bad

What happens when a young, hip 24 year old goes wine tasting among the snobbery? Find out in this interesting look at age discrimination in the wine business. This guest post by wine slinger Ben Hilzinger struck a chord with many people and includes some great dialogue in the comments from winery owners and tasting room operators.

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