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I’ve been on an SEO / SEM (search engine marketing) kick lately. As a new business owner, I’m starting to see the value of proper placement, key search term optimization, and Google (or Bing) ranking. In a previous post I wrote about how properly tagged blog posts can generate long term recurring traffic and how Google loves linkbacks (being referenced in other people’s blog posts). With Nectar Tasting Room opening, I’m more in tune with how people can find me online and being a part of the search terms people are using for wine tasting and wine events in Spokane.

If you have a business, you NEED to be thinking about where you rank in Google search. If you sell shoes in Sheboygan or parakeets in Poughkeepsie, Google search will improve your customer conversion. I will go as far as to say that focusing on search engine listing is the single best investment  a business can make in their bottom line.

I recently had a conversation with a local search engine guru / god…okay, his name is Ed from Sixth Man Marketing about an upcoming search engine optimization seminar in Spokane. If you live here, I strongly encourage you to go (details below). If you don’t live here, well, your loss because Spokane is a really cool place. Regardless, Ed (a.k.a. SEO guru/god) was kind enough to provide FIVE SEO/SEM tips just for my readers. Shhhh…don’t share this post. It’s just for those that read this blog. P.S. Stay tuned at the end of the post for the amazing details on the upcoming Get Listed University seminar.


  1. Make sure your business information is consistent across the web.  Do an audit of your brand and make sure the references you find are the same.  Update any inaccuracies and make sure your business name and particular is consistent.
  2. Test categories in Google Places.  Look to see if the categories you think will be a good choice for you produces a local search result (map).  Test the categories that make sense for your business and track them to see which ones work best for you.
  3. Make sure your address and phone number are prominently listed on your site.  This can be a sub-page but make sure they aren’t just in the footer.  A page that calls our your address and phone number helps a lot.  Also 800 numbers can really throw the search engines off.  Use your local number if at all possible.
  4. Understand what citations mean to local search.  The Get Listed Resources page has great information about them.
  5. Once you understand what they are, I recommend using the Whitespark Citation Finder to track them down.


Spend a whole day with industry experts and search engine optimization pros at Northern Quest Resort and Casino on February 25 from 8AM – 5PM. Your fee includes…

  • A full-day workshop to accommodate the amount of content & questions
  • Classroom style seating for easier (and more comfortable) note taking
  • A lab area for hands-on training!  Get personalized advice from our experts.
  • Updated presentations with the latest information about the Google & Bing search algorithms.
  • More local success stories.  Hear how last year’s attendees (and a few others) made HUGE gains.
  • Lunch and snacks. After all, what’s a seminar without lunch and snacks.
  • Free follow up class at LaunchPadINW Lounge for the first 40 people who register

Use the discount code “LAUNCHPADINW” and save $30 off the $149 price

VISIT for all the details! If you don’t go, you’re sorta silly!

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