A Conundrum and A Mystery Equals A Good Wine

A conundrum is a riddle in which a fanciful question is answered by a pun. Conundrum Winery offers a riddle of fanciful wine varietals to create a mysterious blend of delicious wine. For 20 years the Wagner family has been making Conundrum winery divulging only the use of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscat Canelli. The addition of Semillon and Viognier in small quantities adds to the mystery that is Conundrum wine.

The wine grapes are grown, harvested and produced independently to focus on the quality that comes naturally from the vineyard. Some of the wine undergoes oak, some does not. Five quality wines come together during blending to create Conundrum. Conundrum is owned by the Wagner family (Caymus Vineyards), but is a separate brand. Charlie Wagner and Jon Bolta share winemaking responsibilities and in 2007 production expanded into a state-of-the art winery in Monterey County close to the sources of the most grape varietals that make up the wine.

The Nectar View

2009 Conundrum White Wine

The Conundrum wine is a proprietary blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat Canelli, Semillon, and Viognier. The wine has a moderate gold tone in the glass leaning more toward a golden wheat color. Immediately the floral and tropical aromas jump out of the glass causing me to think Viognier and Muscat Canelli. At first sniff, the thoughts of sweet syrup cross my mind but a subtle interwoven aroma of lemon and guava save the day. In the mouth the wine is slightly flabby but very full of flavor. The sweetness indicated on the nose is not overwhelming in the mouth. A hint of honey quickly gives way to smooth guava and butter. I would venture to guess that the predominate wines in this blend are Chardonnay (oaked), Muscat Canelli, and Semillon (also oaked). The white flowers definitely come from the Viognier. The wine lacks in a strong acidity which may lend itself more to a sipping wine than a food wine but the layers of flavor are very intriguing. Pair this with summer, bikinis, and some fresh shrimp fettuccini pasta or even a fresh cheese plate. The wine can be purchased for $17-$20. 3+/5

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  1. Aundy

    Hey Josh. Thanks so much for the blog on Conundrum! There’s something wrong with the audio…it cuts out at 4 min mark? Is that intentional?

    1. drinknectar


      Thanks! Definitely not intentional…stinking video program cut out the audio…very odd. Don’t think I said much of anything important toward the end except…good wine, enjoy life with friends, drink happy!



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