Walking In a Wino Wonderland – Christmas Gifts for the Wine Lover

Do you have a wine lover on your Christmas list? Buying for a wine lover can be a serious challenge. If you buy them wine you run the risk of being ridiculed for your inadequate choice. If you buy them a typical gadget, it may be relegated to the drawer of wine charms and cork screws, put in the next garage sale, or worse yet, re-gifted to the crazy uncle.

To help you in your gift giving for the wine lover in your life, I’ve got some fun, eclectic, novelty, and even some local ideas to help make your Christmas shopping easier. You can’t go wrong with these gifts!

Eisch Wine Glass Set ($30 per glass)

While Riedel glasses seem to be the toast of the wine community, I love my Eisch glasses. After all these years, Germany is still attempting an overthrow of Austria. Perfectly balanced and boasting a “breathable” technology (although after a  lawsuit from Riedel, they can no longer market that), the Eisch Sensis glass dramatically improves the aroma of most wines poured in them.

Wine Soiree Decanter ($25 each)

Soiree is The Premier In-Bottle Wine Decanter. Soiree is a glass wine aerator that fits on top of the bottle and is the perfect wine gift and a Sommelier approved wine tool. It decants red and white wines and is easy to use, clean, and travel with. Using the Wine Soiree is easier to use than the Vinturi and offers the same results of a quick aeration.

Ammo Head Pen, Cork Opener, Stopper Set – ($55)

Made from reclaimed wine barrels that housed Spokane’s Latah Creek wine, these artistic items are a perfect match for your wine lover. Enjoy the wine barrel pen that uses Parker refills and the beautiful wine topper and cork screw. Your wine accessories should be as artistic as your wine. Seperate, these pieces are priced at $64 but because Santa loves you (and artist Doyle Wheeler too), you can have them both for $55). Ammohead Design pens are available at Nectar Tasting Room and other local wineries.

Wine Tasters Diary (Spokane/ Pullman) / Wine Trials 2011 / The Oxford’s Companion to Wine ($11-$30)

Wine Tasters Diary (Spokane Pullman) is an essential under-$15 local wine guide that explores the region of Spokane and Pullman. Get author William Maltese’s perspective as he tours and tastes local wine.

The Wine Trials is the essential under-$15 wine guide that shook the wine world to its core by proving that in brown-bag blind tastings, people actually preferred cheaper wines to more expensive ones.

Jancis Robinson’s The Oxford Companion to Wine – 3rd Edition is the “the one essential book for any wine lover” Eric Asimov

Wine Away Wine Wipes ($7)

A great fun gift that any wine lover would appreciate. Enjoy wine with lunch or just erase the late night tango with a Syrah. Wipe that wine off your teeth with wine wipes, a proprietary blend of stain-removing and teeth protecting ingredients that cleans red wine off teeth and neutralizes palate. Just run Wine Wipes over your teeth and see the difference. Each container has twenty wipes and a mirrored lid.

Wine Fridge Small ($80)

Wine temperature is important. People often bring their whites right out of the fridge (too cold) or open their reds at summer room temperatures (too warm). Stock a week’s work of wine in this little and portable wine refrigerator. This little eight bottle Emerson cooler is classy, practical, and doesn’t take up much space on the counter.

Skybar One Wine Chiller and Dispenser ($400)

Preserve your bottle of wine at the perfect temperature for up to 10 days. The slick system pours the wine without allowing the oxygen to reach the wine. The stainless steel design is attractive and will fit into any modern kitchen. While slightly pricy, this is one gift that your discriminating wine lover will enjoy.

Zebra Shoe Bottle Holder ($26)

Love wine? Love shoes? Here is the perfect solution! Forget the stuffy display. Show your personality with the zebra print shoe display. The ceramic wine bottle holder fits most standard size wine bottles. This piece is sure to be the conversation starter at all your parties and the hit with all your wine loving friends.

Descriptive Wine T-Shirts ($20)

Show your wine personality with What’s Your Vine t-shirts. Are you “Bubbly and Brilliant, Champagne” or “Sweet and Spice, and a little intense – Gewurztraminer.” With seven t-shirt slogans and several color choices, let your wine personality show. This is the perfect gift for the female wine lover on your wish list this year.

Club Nectar Membership ONLY $39 – reg $75

Give the gift that pours all year long. Wine lovers in Spokane can save big by enjoying the Nectar Tasting Room, Club Nectar annual membership. Members always receive $1 off all glass pours, 10% off all bottle purchases 15% off case purchases, complimentary tasting bar flights, half off all “Final Sip Saturday’s” and exclusive invitations to parties and release events. This membership will quickly pay for itself. Sale is through Dec 1, 2011. Click the buy now banner at the bottom of the page.

Rock n Roll Wine Art Print ($850)

You love wine and you love art but I bet you don’t have a Stacey Wells Rock-n-Roll Wine Series print. Be the envy of all your wino friends this Christmas with a Jimi Hendrix, Gene Simmons, The Doors, Elton John, Michael Jackson, or Rolling Stones 18×36 high quality Giclee print. Stacey’s work is phenomenal and showcases the best of wine, music and art.

Wine Rack Wine Bra ($30)

Perfect for the woman wine lover who has trouble taking her wine to football, baseball, and school functions. Turn your A cup into a voluptuous full bodies D cup of delicious red wine. The Wine Rack is a comfortable sports bra with a polyurethane bladder that holds a full bottle of wine. Use the handy drinking tube to enjoy your bodacious Bordeaux or your seductive Syrah.

As you shop for the wine lover this year, keep these amazing gifts in mind. What do you want for Christmas? I’d love to hear if you’ve discovered any great wino gift ideas. I’m always looking for something new. Please share in the comments, or let me know on Twitter @nectarwine using the hashtag #winochristmas.

Looking for places to get many of these and other great gift ideas? Check out my friends at the following two links (and no I wasn’t paid to promote them).

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  1. PaulG

    OK, Josh, you’ve got the bra and shoes covered, how about some wine panties?

    1. drinknectar

      Doh – I knew I was forgetting something. :)

  2. Andrew Lazorchak


    So happy you included us in your top picks for the holidays.

    We’re so happy in-fact that we’re giving your readers a coupon for 20% off on our direct website. Coupon Code is: * drinknectar * This will be valid until end of week. 12/3/2010.

    Happy Holidays!

  3. Dustin Cann

    The Wine Rack is hilarious (and awesome?).

  4. Cana's Feast Winery

    So let me get this straight, if Rack Girl wants to keep her D cup, she really can’t drink the wine, otherwise “she’ll” just look deflated, no? And how about the body temperature factor? Think I’ll stick with the Club Nectar Membership :)


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