I Am Thankful for YOU

On a day that is characterized by food, wine, football and family, we have so much to be thankful for. Our world has gone through quite a bit of stress and struggle over the last several years. With war, financial hardship and political division all around us, family and friends are cherished now more than ever. I am thankful for you.

You read this blog regulary. You visit, you comment, and you interact with me. You are the reason I am opening a business in 30 days and you are the reason I write every night. Sound cheesy? Sure, but it’s true. I’m thankful for the many friends that I talk to daily on twitter, Sean Sullivan, Ben Simons, Barbara Evans, Rick Bakas and more. I’m thankful for the friends I’ve met in real life through this blog; the folks at LaunchPadINW (Bill, Allen, Jennifer and Jared), and the friends that have supported me from the infancy of this vision.

I’m most thankful for my family. In the last year we have gone from two incomes to one as my beautiful wife prepares for her next career by getting her Masters in Education. Her teenage son is…well…he’s now a teenager, need I say more. The added stress of attempting to balance all that I’m doing has put the time we spend together at a minimum. Still, they cheer. Still, they support. For that, I am thankful. This Thanksgiving we are spending the holiday alone, just the two of us. Our tradition, lasagna and cheesecake. I have my special wines picked out (of which I’ll share on Friday) and I’m looking forward to the pairing of flavors.

People often ask what wine do you pair with your Thanksgiving dinner. I’m happy to offer my advice. With so many flavors on the table, the best suggestion I can offer is, pair the wine that you like. Sweet, dry, white, red, rose, sparkling, full bodied, light…it all works at some level or another. Grab a favorite wine and enjoy. Chances are it is not the wine that will cause the memories rather the time spent enjoying those you love.

Enjoy life with friends. Drink Happy!


Owner of Nectar Tasting Room in Spokane, WA. (@nectarwine) Publisher of Spokane Wine Magazine (@spowinemag), author, speaker, consultant and internet marketer with Nectar Media (@nectarmedia)

One comment for “I Am Thankful for YOU

  1. Ben Simons

    Thanks Josh. It’s been great getting to know you over the last year. I look forward to sharing many more glasses of wine with you in the future.


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