Yellow Tail Bubbles New Look New Wine Cool Enclosure


New wine. New name. New packaging. New revolutionary closure. These are the headlining words on the promotional material for the new Yellow Tail Bubbles. We all need a little more sparkle in our lives and I’m all for finding affordable “go to” wines. Available for $8-$12 does the Yellow Tail Bubbles deliver the goods for all the upcoming holiday celebrations?

I received this wine, along with three Yellow Tail Reserve wines, as an industry sample. A few months back, with the help of my friend Atlanta Wine Guy, I discovered my “daily” affordable sparkling wine in the Segura Viudas ARIA Brut. For $8, it is a fairly tasty and dependable sparkler.  I was curious to see how the Yellow Tail Bubbles would stack up in the under $10 price point.

The labeling is a nice upgrade from the previous packaging. The shimmering gold foil and understated logo offer a hint of class to an otherwise whimsical and playful brand. What intrigued me the most was the use of the ZORK re-sealable enclosure. If for some odd reason you don’t finish a bottle of still wine, you can easily re-use the cork as an enclosure by turning it over. Sparkling wine corks are not that way. The ZORK cap combines the romance of popping the cork and the convenience of a proper seal for maintaining the gas (which is where the bubbles come from).

The NectarView

NV Yellow Tail Bubbles

Not much exists in the way of winemaking notes on the wine. The secondary fermentation process is done in the Charmat process where the fermentation happens in a pressurized tank. Not sure of the grapes used in this wine but my guess would be Chardonnay and possible a little Sauvignon Blanc (if you know, please share). The wine clocks in at a relatively low 11.5% ABV.

In the glass the YT Bubbles is yellow, like a granny smith apple and offers a nice head of bubbles even after three days under the ZORK. The bubbles are slow rising and are medium in density. Aromas of apple juice and bread are first out of the glass. In the mouth, there is a good sparkling effervescence but not overwhelming. Subtle flavors of apple sauce with a hint of cinnamon along with a crisp lemon zest round out the flavor profile. The finish is quick and the acidity is minimal. Overall there are some good flavors but nothing in the way of any complexity or layers. At just $9.99 RRP 3/5


In comparison to the Segura Viudas ARIA, this wine was not my style. While the notes claim it to be dryer, it is not as crisp or acidic as the SV Brut. Many people will enjoy the mild sweetness and the price point is low enough to try and come to your own conclusions.

*Wine was provided as an industry sample with the intention to review


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2 comments on “Yellow Tail Bubbles New Look New Wine Cool Enclosure

  1. Susie

    I love love love Yellowtail Bubbles.
    Unfortunately I discovered it a little too late and Dan Murphy’s in Adelaide are no longer stocking it as part of their line. And it’s regularly unavailable from my other favourite bottlo. I’m totally devistated.
    Damn Dan Murphy’s….

  2. gwilly

    I am a die hard Korbel drinker and decided to give Yellow tail Bubbles a try and I wasn’t disappointed. I love the top (very clever) and most importantly very tasty and not too sweet.


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