How To Start A Business Without Breaking the Bank

Dennis Isip (pronounced e-sip) calls himself the Web Profit Engineer. I first met Dennis at a LaunchPadINW event here in Spokane, WA. According to Dennis’ web site, “(He) loves helping entrepreneurs overcome their challenges because he knows what it is like to struggle.” Dennis helps businesses with their internet marketing, strategy, awareness and education. Recently Dennis asked if he could interview me, saying something about a “brilliant business model.” Well, Dennis, if you say so, I think there is a fair amount of dumb luck in there.

I’ve pasted a little synopsis of the interview here to whet your appetite. I hope you’ll head over to Dennis’ site and read the summary and if you have time, listen to the interview. I tell the whole story of how I hatched this Nectar thing and where it is headed.

An Interview With Dennis Isip, the Web Profit Engineer

AT&T, Twitter and Domino’s all have something in common with Josh Wade.

But before we get in to that, let’s talk about their differences first.

  • AT&T has horrible customer service (you can check Consumer Reports, but I also have my own ‘inside sources’).
  • Twitter still doesn’t really have a solid business plan; i.e. it doesn’t know what it wants to be when it grows up.
  • Domino’s Pizza was started with just $500 (business success does not necessarily require a lot of start-up capital).
  • Josh Wade – well, who is he? Just a few months ago, he didn’t really have any business at all.

Now let’s look at what’s behind that one common thing that their respective competitors are jealous about…

Visit Dennis’ site for the full article


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3 comments on “How To Start A Business Without Breaking the Bank

  1. Jake Bird

    This is a great piece on you Josh. I am really proud of the tenacity in which you are chasing your dreams. You have really inspired me to do the same. Keep up the good work!

    1. drinknectar

      Thanks, Jake! I wish you the best of success and you know you have my full support! I’m happy to share my successes and failures to help you to your dreams!

  2. Vada Lynn Smith

    This is really helpful not only to entrepreneurs but also to individuals who want to know how these changes affect their decisions on pursuing their ultimate goal.


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