A Visit To WineStyles in North Spokane

Be careful, surfing at entrepreneur.com can lead to some wild adventures. For Mike and Deedee McMahon, it’s just the adventure they were looking for. The McMahon’s own and operate several coffee shops in the Spokane area. With the operations of these shops firmly under control, Mike and Deedee were intrigued by the Wine Styles franchise and were eager to dive into something that involved their other passion, wine. As I’m fond of saying, “Wine and coffee equal liquid love.”

Wine Styles is an exciting franchise that brings an old world retail wine experience to communities. The franchise costs are relatively low and the look / feel of the store is a unique wine sales concept. Spokane’s Wine Style is located in the Indian Trail area, just north of Francis. While the Franchise helps create a consistent look and feel to each store (along with consistent vendor management and point of sale systems), the McMahon’s, along with their son J, are given a good amount of freedom to bring in Northwest wine and a good selection of Spokane wine as well. 

The Wine Styles store is laid out very nicely and has a large selection of merchandise, accessories and about 220 different wines to choose from. Instead of wines being laid out by region or grape variety, they are laid out by style ranging from crisp, silky, rich, bubbly, fruity, mellow, bold and my favorite, nectar. “When customers come in the store, we can ask them what style of wine they like, and point them in the right direction,” says Mike. In addition to some great selection of Northwest wine, including Leonetti and Pepperbridge, you’ll find Spokane favorites, Barili, Nodland, and more. Wine Styles also has about 20 wines that are exclusive to the franchise. There is something for everyone at Wine Styles Indian Trail, you can even get a Wine-a-Rita; a combination of various red, and white wines mixed with lemon aid concentrate in a granita machine. I could easily see this becoming a guilty pleasure for many wine snobs.

You’ll also notice that Wine Styles is becoming a hub of wine activity as well. Their event calendar is full of wine tastings, beer tastings, art showings, live music, and educational classes. A quick visit to their web site will keep you in the know. Customers can also join their wine club and a very unique text club. The first gets you two bottles of wine, 15% discount on re-orders, 10% off on any wine, invitations and discounts at wine tastings and more for only $34.99 per month. The latter, is a cool text based coupon system that sends coupons and instant savings right to your cell phone.

Follow Wine Styles on Facebook to stay connected to all of their upcoming events. You can even join their text club by texting WineStyles to 50240 for a great introductory savings!

If you live up north and are looking for a great place to experience wine (whether you’re a newbie or an expert), Wine Styles on Indian Trail is an excellent space. Stop in during one of their tastings and experience something new.

The Stats

8801 N. Indian Trail Rd

Mon-Thurs: Noon – 8pm

Fri-Sat: Noon – 9pm




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  1. charmion

    Don’t like to throw wet blanket, but look carefully at Wine Styles record in Calif. Not very good. Closed stores and unpaid bills. And look at the background of the founders. And how long it takes to communicate from a franchise to corp. office in Florida.


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