Eisch Eisch Baby! Sometimes It’s the Little Things That Matter

It’s the little things that make all the difference. Presentation and service at a restaurant, extra fudge on your ice cream sundae, flowers on a date, and the extra bass note in Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby.”Okay, maybe the last one, didn’t do any bit of good but the attention to detail and the special subtleties can make a good experience into a wow experience. BUT, can a wine glass that once claimed to be “breathable” and “able to aerate your wine in 2-4 minutes” be that subtle difference that makes every sip one to savor?

I’ve received a few different sets of wine glasses in the last few months. The first, Ravenscroft Invisibles, were incredibly light and thin. They were also very fragile, had several flaws, and didn’t have that magical chime when cheering and clinking around the table (more of a clunk than a clink). However, I happily used these glasses to replace the Mikasa globe like glasses I used in my first 80+ video reviews.

Eisch Eisch Baby

In July I received two different Eisch Glaskultur glasses from Balzac Communications. When I opened the box, I read through the materials, and immediately put the glasses into action. I didn’t do any additional research on price, or reviews; I just wanted to experience them for a while to see if the marketing claims were substantiated. One glass was the Eisch standard red wine glass, the other was labeled as Eisch Superior Sensis Plus. The claim seemed pretty extreme:

“Wine poured in Sensisplus glasses becomes more harmonious and complex, with better balance and greater elegance. Through a completely natural process, the original character and structure of the wine are preserved, while its aromas and flavors become more expressive and generous. Sensisplus glasses also improve the enjoyment of spirits, fruit juices, sparkling water and other beverages.”

Wow, really “A completely natural process?” Upon further investigation, the materials are very vague as to what “unique properties” make the Sensis Plus glass “better.” Maybe each glass is subjected to hours of alternating rounds of Scorpions, Rammstein and Beethoven to loosen up the pours of the lead free crystal. Regardless of the science behind the claim, Eisch aroused the attention of wine glass Goliath, Riedel to the tune of a lawsuit. While this could have been payback for the German invasion and annexation of Austria in 1938, it was probably more of an attempt for Riedel (an Austrian based company if you didn’t figure that out yet) to learn the secret sauce that makes the glass special. In the end a German judge, with an obvious lack of a discerning palate, declared the glass to be no different than a regular glass, “neither in a food chemistry analysis nor in a gustation test carried out by experienced wine tasters.” Eisch was forced to discontinue their claims of “breathable” and “aerating in 2-4 minutes,” but didn’t have to pay any damages. They keep making their glasses, and the secret remains intact.

My Non Scientific Analysis

I’ve enjoyed wine from a lot of different glasses over the years and I have to give props to Eisch for making one hell of a sexy glass. The bowl is flawless, the color is clear and the weight is nicely balanced. There is even a feel of strength. A casual observer would clearly qualify this as an expensive piece of stemware. After a few months of using the standard and Sensis Plus glasses side by side, I started to notice some subtle differences. The Sensis Plus (designated by a swoosh on the base) is slightly heavier in feel. What really started to grab me was the difference in the aromas coming out of the glass. Time and time again the Sensis Plus glass presented more intense fragrance and even elevated certain aromas that were completely negligible in the standard glass. I started to wonder if my nose and my eyes were playing tricks on me, so I had my wife pour me the same wine in both glasses and I’d blindly sample them. Almost without fail, the Sensis glass was easily identifiable. I even played the game with a few friends and they too could “smell the difference.”

The Verdict

The Eisch Sensis Plus glass makes a noticeable difference in the aroma in most wines. The taste difference was significantly less dramatic, but occasionally evident. Whatever Eisch is doing to these glasses, the results are definitely wow. As an added bonus, the glasses have a beautiful chime when celebrating that special moment with friends and family. The price? $25-30 per stem. Would you pay it? For the average wine drinker $30 buys a set of four glasses at Target. Personally, I’ll definitely be looking for an opportunity to add a few more of these glasses to the cabinet. Christmas is coming…

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9 comments on “Eisch Eisch Baby! Sometimes It’s the Little Things That Matter

  1. jamie goode

    the idea of breathable wine glasses is farcical – the dissolved oxygen in the wine from pouring is enough to make the amount diffusing through the glass irrlevant – have you done triangle tests blind where there is no way of knowing what glass is what?

    1. drinknectar

      Jamie – Haven’t done triangle tests, formally – but there is something happening with this glass as I notice significant enhanced aroma when comparing two and three other glasses with the same wine (inexpensive wine and higher end as well).

      No scientist here, but would agree that the “breathable” concept seems a little far fetched

  2. Michael Wangbickler

    Hi Josh,

    It sounds like you had some interesting results. Nice write-up.

    The term ‘breathable” was meant to convey that the glasses help the wine “breath,” or aerate, not that the glasses themselves breathed. Regardless, the glasses are now called SensisPlus, which is perhaps a better, more proprietary name anyway.

    Jamie: have you ever tried the glasses? If not, I can send you some to try on your own. Not everyone always notices a difference, but many do.


    1. drinknectar

      Thanks, Mike! I was skeptical at first, but time and time again, I noticed a difference.

  3. rocketwine

    JW and Mike,
    Excellent article, JW…I am curious also to put the stemware to the “test”. Perhaps a public setting at one of our Friday night wine classes…drop me a email at:rocketwine@msn.com..

  4. rocketwine

    JW, I could see you as Vanilla Ice for Halloween…just sayin’ 😉

    1. drinknectar

      Matt (Rocket), That would be a fun tasting. Pairing up a mason jar, $5 stem from Target, Riedel, and Eisch Eisch baby.

  5. rocketwine

    I can work it into our october line-up perhaps?? I’ll keep ya posted…md

  6. Michael Wangbickler

    Great idea Matt. Let me know when you set it up and let me know if you need anything.


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