Social Media Book Review: Quick Bites Book

Fancy yourself a social media guru? Think you know it all when it comes to implementing a successful social media strategy? Are you a business or brand, just now thinking of taking a bite out of Twitter and Facebook? Quick Bites (Rick Bakas, Baldwin Press 2010) book has something for everyone.

I first met Rick Bakas in November 2009 when I jumped into blogging. Being the new kid to the playground I knew enough to watch the other kids to see who was an influencer, who was a bully and who the popular kids were. I quickly saw how Rick used social media to engage people in his work with the St. Supery brand. In fact, this very concept is bite number 61 in the book, “Engage Influencers.”

“Find people on social media sites that align with your brand who can become brand ambassadors…” (There is more to it, but I’ll let you discover it yourself)

Rick was even kind enough to provide a quote for an article I was writing. I misspelled his name in the article and to make matters worse, I did it again about a month later by misspelling his title. Feeling slightly embarrassed, I reached out and offered my genuine apology. Rick was gracious to forgive.

Forward the clock several months into the future, Rick announces the launch of his new book, Quick Bites 75 Savory Tips for Social Media Success, on May 6 during one of his signature Twitter tasting events. I immediately ordered the book. Why? Why would I order a book, having very little knowledge of what its contents would be?

  1. I know Rick and I’ve seen him in action. Whether you agree with his approach or not, he is seeing results.
  2. He has a track record of success. From his days at NIKE to working on accounts like the Denver Broncos and Oregon State University, Rick has shown he knows a thing or two about branding.
  3. Trust. Over the month’s I’ve grown to trust that Rick’s message through twitter was consistent, sincere and engaging.

When you receive the book, be prepared…it is not something you necessarily sit down and read like a self help book or novel. In fact, it’s only 80 half sized pages in length. This is a book of aha moments, reminders, and behavior motivators. I would venture to guess that even the majority of the top “gurus” out there could be reminded of a few things.

I’m going through a crisis of action with my brand as I work through the next steps of leveraging momentum for business ideas. I have to say, I keep a copy of Quick Bites next to my PC just as a friendly reminder. Whether it’s from the seemingly no brainer #8 “Don’t be a Spammer,” to the ouch reminder #24, “Be Humble,” I’ve been inspired to create a more consistent brand and message with every bite that I digest.

Quick Bites is a cookbook full of ingredients to be successful using Social Media. I highly recommend it for anyone serious about developing their brand using Twitter, Facebook and other social tools. If you’re a business that doesn’t know a tweet from a twit, consider this your first bites to chew on. One important reminder that crosses over from cooking to social media is the last item in the book:

Know When to Turn It Off

Just like in cooking if you forget to turn it off, you’ll end up burning out and ruining the whole thing.


Owner of Nectar Tasting Room in Spokane, WA. (@nectarwine) Publisher of Spokane Wine Magazine (@spowinemag), author, speaker, consultant and internet marketer with Nectar Media (@nectarmedia)

11 comments on “Social Media Book Review: Quick Bites Book

  1. Joe

    yeah, i should probably check it out. haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but Rick is a nice fella, and I hope this book is a major success!

    1. drinknectar

      It’s not a book that will cause you to make wholesale changes to they way you chew on social media, but it is definitely full of good morsels that result in a healthy diet of social success…

      …hows that for tie in writing?

  2. Ben Simons

    Good write up on the book. I think you’re take is spot on. Rick’s book is a must have for those just getting into the world of social media, but it also has lots of great stuff for those of us who are more experienced with it. Like you said, even the most season SM expert is going to find good reminders in the book.

    A big benefit of books like this one, for me anyway, is that they remind me to go back to the things that have worked for me in the past. I picked up some new things, but I really got some great reminders and inspiration to get back into the trenches and start working again. Quick Bites inspired me to actually put my SM strategy on paper for the first time, which has really helped me focus my energies.

    1. drinknectar

      That’s great to hear, Ben. A recent flury of things like the conference, this book, a post that Ed Thralls shared, and conversations with Jeff Lefevere have really challenged me to move ahead with a formalized plan and strategy, rather than just winging it!

      Watch out world…here we come…

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  4. Tamara Belgard

    Must get me a copy of that book already, thanks for reminding me why!! We all need a little reminders about how to do social media better. As for being humble, I don’t think you’ll ever need to worry about.

    1. drinknectar

      Oh, Tamara, you’re just being sweet. I can be a real d^ckhead…just ask my ex wives…LOL!

  5. SwirlGirls

    I just ordered it too! Can’t wait to soak it in…

    1. drinknectar

      I think you’ll enjoy the quick reminders and tips. Trying to implement the whole book in one swoop seems daunting, but like the title says, take it in ‘quick bites’

  6. Rick Bakas


    Thank you for the support over the past year and for kicking ass and taking names.

    You do more in this space as a hobby than many people do as a full time job.
    I have a feeling your future is going to be wide open. More of the wine blogging/wine social media realm should pay attention to what you’re doing well (and Ben too).

    Keep moving the needle!

    1. drinknectar

      Thanks, Rick! Books like Quick Bites help motivate us to move the needle


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