A Video Recap of WBC10 And Bonus Stuff

The 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference is in the books. I’ve enjoyed reading all the posts and looking at everyone’s pictures. Thank you so much for posting them. Below is my video recap of the event. I’ll be doing one final post sharing my thoughts on the opportunities for making the event better. Please see my previous posts on:

5 Things I’m Going to DO As A Result of WBC10

The Sport of Speed Wine Blogging (satire)


A Tweet Recap of Posts About 2010

Disclaimer – I didn’t edit any of these tweets 😉

wawinereport Washington Wine Report: Summary of known posts from #WBC10. Enjoy! http://bit.ly/9AUjm8 #WAwine #wine

piAfterDark   Walla Walla wine bloggers conference featured rock stars of Washington wine http://bit.ly/bOWaB1 #WBC10

Shona425 On the road @WBCorBUST stop @CaveBWinery onto #WBC10 http://bit.ly/bRbA02

SonomaWilliam Too tired by Day 4 to recall the awesome Food/Wine Pairing Seminar? Great recap including Chef Saad’s tips here… http://bit.ly/dvyDtU #WBC10

suburbanwino Dr. Seuss: perhaps the worst reference for wine travel http://bit.ly/b6VNyQ <-Great recap of the whole trip

NancyFeasts New blog post on food and wine pairing with Jeffrey Saad at #wbc10: http://bit.ly/dAAWOn

dirtysouthwine A short recap of 2010 Wine Bloggers Conf- http://bit.ly/dqdA0E #wbc10

vinotology 1WineDude, a Nectar Drinker, and a Vinotologist Drive to Spokane… http://bit.ly/dfAfKm

WineBizRadio Video feeds from the Wine Bloggers Conference http://bit.ly/do6rfd

yakyakwine #WBC10 and a Half, a Blog from Walla Walla : http://www.yakyakwine.com/2010/07/wbc10-and-half-even-more-part.html

clivity Were you on #Redmtn ? If not, here’s what you missed…http://tinyurl.com/26fhrho from #wbc10

ConsciousWine #wbc10 #wine conference highlights blog post: http://consciouswine.com/blog.php/consciousfriends/what-i-learned-in-walla-walla/

SFDoug Revisiting what I thought was a 97-pt wine http://shar.es/mO24w

winebeerWA 5 Sound Bites from the 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference (via @nancyfeasts) http://bit.ly/aItGUS #WBC10

marycressler Finally getting around to posting a few #WBC10 pictures … http://bit.ly/beT3pf

zephyradventure #WBC10 @WineBloggersCon 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference: Red Mountain AVA Rolls out the Red Carpet http://bit.ly/c5bOYO

WineEYak Wine Yakima Valley’s Vineyard tour 4 the wine bloggers was awsm. Check out the pics! #WineEYak #WBC10 http://bit.ly/af9qUR

20dollarwine New post up – “7 Habits of Slightly Effective Wine Bloggers” #wbc10 http://tinyurl.com/2gylwbp

WINESofWA Wilma Does Walla Walla – Part 1 – Wilma’s Wine World http://shar.es/mDVyx #WAwine #wbc10 #wbcorbust

WinePeeps #wbc10 Wine Peeps: A Wine Blog » Highlights and Wine Tastings from the 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference http://shar.es/mDVZ3

WineingWoman New blog post: What Can I say about WBC? http://www.thewineingwoman.com/2010/06/what-can-i-say-about-wbc/

marcygordon New #wbc10 blog post in pictures — You Know You’re At A Wine Blogger Conference When: http://tinyurl.com/283l9zf

HelloPresto Top 10 Reasons I’m Not Making a Top 10 List About the 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference http://bit.ly/agAeVq #wbc10

joelvincent The warm embrace…what inspired me about #WBC10 http://post.ly/lF62

WineInkByTia A few parting words from #WBC10 starring…well, you’ll have to watch. #video http://twitvid.com/WQBXF (PART 1)

WineInkByTia More parting words from #WBC10 http://twitvid.com/DZNHK (PART 2)

marycressler 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference, part 1… and what inspired me the most at #WBC10http://bit.ly/aLTRLr

TomCWark Fermentation: Facetime With WinePressNW @ #wbc10 http://bit.ly/bne3ne via@TomCWark

TomCWark http://fermentation.typepad.com/fermentation/2010/06/10-things-ive-learned-so-far-at-the-2010-wine-bloggers-conference1-the-wine-bloggers-conference.html

MutineerMagazine Wine Bloggers Conference 2010 #wbc10 – Mutineer Magazine “Step and Repeat” photos – http://bit.ly/9NOj2r

RESOURCE: wawinereport: Up, up, and away! Recent trends in the #WAwine industry. From #WBC10 seminar. http://bit.ly/9xAmHe #wine

thewinehub #wine #WBC10 – Walla Walla leaves good taste in bloggers’ mouths -… http://fb.me/DNKLMrJp

1WineDude New on 1WineDude: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! (Brought to you by the Letter “W”) http://bit.ly/aiZIuH

lenndevours Want to learn about #VAwines well before you head to #WBC11 next year? Check out our list of top VA wine bloggers: http://bit.ly/9U8ZPv

vinotology What the Hell am I Doing in Spokane? http://bit.ly/dwSmSP

SipwithMe Just finally got my photos from #WBC10 downloaded on Facebook, check them out! http://bit.ly/ctIBaf <There’s some awesome shots!

MattWineheimer The Wine Blogging Box- In or Out? questions and thoughts from #wbc10 http://bit.ly/c7e7wc

SSCWestCoast Walla Walla, sights and sounds + Andrea Robinson cameo. #wbc10 http://bit.ly/b5algq

WCWineGuy A few quick takes from the Wine Bloggers Conference in Walla Walla: http://bit.ly/a99r9c #wbc10

RESOURCE: megmaker Writerly followers may be interested in my “24 Theses” articulated yesterday during panel on wine writing http://bit.ly/9uD0U0

WillametteVV Top 10 Highlights from #WBC10 http://bit.ly/9Cjsa8

UCBeau: My Top Ten list from the #wbc10 event this weekend. http://bit.ly/cfOiQi

winedineww Wine Bloggers Conference Walla Walla wrap up – http://bit.ly/dswFIZ #WBC10

RESOURCE: goodgrape New post from goodgrape.com: Wine Blogging Shop Talk and Presentations – http://bit.ly/bHVxEm

SipwithMe New blog post: Top 10 Things I Learned at Wine Camp http://bit.ly/9m3awK #WBC10 (@nectarwine @dirtysouthwine @SonomaWilliam @makerstable)

stevepaulo: New Notes: Ten Things I Learned at WBC10 http://j.mp/cqGwrm

SteveHeimoff My latest blog: Head filled, heart too after WBC10: I’m back from the American Wine Bloggers Conference, up in Wal… http://bit.ly/aDeC3a

VinoChick75 #WBC10 http://bit.ly/aVvVSg <Some highlights from #WBC10

rjswineblog my take on the wine bloggers conference in walla walla #wbc10http://bit.ly/rw370

AnotherWineBlog The Liver is Evil, and Must Be Punished! Leaving Walla Walla… http://fb.me/zuXOO4SB

Ken Payton

Rick Bakas A video greeting from WBC10

RESOURCE: CraigSutton – The creating conversions presentation http://bit.ly/craigwbc10

@marycressler: Wine Bloggers Conference, part 2… most memorable moments and wines tasted at #wbc10 http://bit.ly/a4eH1A

TravelingGrape WBC10 Day 1 – Yakima Valley – http://thetravelinggrape.com/blog/2010/06/24/wbc10-day-1-yakima-valley/

DreamWildly   All the best winos were at #wbc10 http://bit.ly/cMahVD

UCBeau My Turn for a #WBC10 Video http://tinyurl.com/262keoo Take a peek, you might get a laugh! #wine @wineissrsbiz @grip_N_sip

enobytes Are you in one of these videos or pics? http://bit.ly/9ReslE #WBC10

WineShoppinguy Cuvée Corner Wine Blog: Walla,Walla or Bust! The Washington #Wine Scene Revisited! http://goo.gl/JwFH #wbc10

wawinereport: Washington Wine Report: Random thoughts from the 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference http://bit.ly/bPmBtt #WBC10

Catie Hey Wine Bloggers – Sour grapes going on. Redeem yourself and your participation at #WBC10 http://tinyurl.com/3a8mzs3

KSyrah #WBC10 Part 1 – Half the Fun is Getting There http://bit.ly/92UTci

HokeHarden WBC10: Rote Cellars, another Walla Walla Wine Epiphany http://tinyurl.com/2anjdfq

Mecaela Part 1 of #wbc10 wrap-up complete http://bit.ly/cHyYB4

jordanwinery uploading #WBC10 video diaries featuring @steveheimoff @nectarwine @1winedude @goodgrape etc. Watch here: http://bit.ly/cmWSjE

1WineDude Commenting on @paulgwine‘s post about #WBC10 http://bit.ly/98xG2q

vinotology July 2 – The Good the Bad and the Ugly – #WBC10 Edition http://bit.ly/dz7yA6

RESOURCE: Panel replay of How to Convert your Readers from other Bloggers to Consumers with @seattlewinegal, @palatepress and @andreawine? http://bit.ly/b2u2Ff #wbc10

paulgwine‘s post about #WBC10 http://bit.ly/98xG2q “Bloggies Come a Callin’”

RESOURCE: jordanwinery uploading #WBC10 video diaries featuring @steveheimoff @nectarwine @1winedude @goodgrape and more…Watch here: http://bit.ly/cmWSjE

                This YouTube channel also includes the Keynote speech from Steve Heimoff and others

Mecaela Part 1 of #wbc10 wrap-up complete http://bit.ly/cHyYB4

HokeHarden WBC10: Rote Cellars, another Walla Walla Wine Epiphany http://tinyurl.com/2anjdfq

KSyrah #WBC10 Part 1 – Half the Fun is Getting There http://bit.ly/92UTci

wawinereport: Washington Wine Report: Random thoughts from the 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference http://bit.ly/bPmBtt #WBC10

enobytes A Few Highlights from the Wine Bloggers Conference ‘10 http://bit.ly/9ReslE #WBC10

WineShoppinguy Cuvée Corner Wine Blog: Walla,Walla or Bust! The Washington #Wine Scene Revisited! http://goo.gl/JwFH #wbc10

UCBeau My Turn for a #WBC10 Video http://tinyurl.com/262keoo Take a peek, you might get a laugh! #wine @wineissrsbiz @grip_N_sip

DreamWildly All the best winos were at #wbc10 http://bit.ly/cMahVD

TravelingGrape WBC10 Day 1 – Yakima Valley – http://thetravelinggrape.com/blog/2010/06/24/wbc10-day-1-yakima-valley/

cellarmistress #WBC10 White Wine Live Speed Blogging! http://youtu.be/K3IamTBw7lA

Shona425 #WBC10: Walla Walla Wine Walkabout http://bit.ly/cdYmev

Catie Say it isn’t so! There were sour grapes about #WBC10. Speak up here if you are a blogger http://tinyurl.com/2fl5bw6

ConsciousWine Photos from the #wbc10 adventure on the #jackpotbus. http://gallery.me.com/barefootbeing/100111

WineBloggersCon 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference: Red Mountain AVA Rolls out the Red Carpet http://bit.ly/c5bOYO

vinotology New Vinotology – Just Like Home – Touring the Yakima Valley http://bit.ly/9MSIQX #wine #wbc10 #wawine

OkanaganWriting Time to play the “Like this? Try that!” #bcwine game @OKWineFests – new blog post #wbc10 http://ht.ly/27mYG

1WineDude New on 1WineDude: Walla Walla Syrah QED? and “Days of WA Future Past” http://bit.ly/avxkE9

HelloPresto Little video of my experience in Walla Walla! Wine Without Words: A Taste of #WBC10 http://bit.ly/dqQlF8

winepeeps New from Wine Peeps: Food and Wine Pairing with Chef @jeffreysaad http://bit.ly/9bEGiJ #wbc10

WineCHATr From WineCHATr.com: WBC10: What I Learned This Summer: So I spent three fun and wine filled days in Walla Walla at… http://bit.ly/92eU3N

melanie0 Latest Dallas Wine Chick Post: What I Learned at #WBC10 http://www.dallaswinechick.com/top-things-learned-at-wbc10/

NancyFeasts What wine do you pair with potato chips? What I learned at #wbc10 – my latest post on deVine Table http://bit.ly/9y1l4t

tomcwark Virginia Governor hypes 2011 Wine Bloggers Conference: http://bit.ly/czwkSg #WBC11 #WBC10

drXeNo: #WBC10 recap, thoughts & tasty #wine notes from a wknd of discovery in W2! http://bit.ly/crK01I @SubstanceWines @reiningerwinery

Mamandesfilles WBC’10 Meet The Sponsors http://vinoverve.com/2010/07/07/wbc10-meet-the-sponsors/

suburbanwino Shame and neglect. Time to move on. http://fb.me/E8A4TlLG

Walla2WineWoman WBC10 – Live Wine Blogging in Walla Walla: Worthwhile for the Wineries?: Live Wine Blogging is a … http://bit.ly/a4NLsy

WINESofWA Foodista Blog – 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference Review http://shar.es/mQKpK

Luscious_Lushes Gone baby gone! To OR-e-gone! http://bit.ly/aRtMNw A pre – #wbc10 adventure! @solenaestate

WINEormous Wrapping up an amazing visit to Washington Wine Country http://ow.ly/28QWt  #wbc10 #wbcorbust #WAwine

Clivity Recap of the Red Mtn AVA excurision: http://tinyurl.com/29pgtwb

paulgwine – It’s easy to criticize? http://www.paulgregutt.com/2010/07/easy-to-criticize.html

skadey Check out the first new blog post spurred by #wbc10 http://twurl.nl/wr7dmt  

vinotology Breaking News – Wine Bloggers Win Powerball Lottery http://bit.ly/cmpX2J

KenPayton For access to all of my Wx2 coverage, click on the category tab on the site. Rasa Vineyards is my latest: http://tinyurl.com/2cas6p9 #wbc10

marikane Speed Tasting Reds at #WBC10 now playing at Tasting Room Confidential: http://bit.ly/cXY4hx

vintagetexas From the outside looking in: Avatar’s Tales http://bit.ly/cK5le4 – Living #WBC10 thru tweets of @vinotology & @melanie0

wawinereport Lettie Teague at the Wall Street Journal writes about #WAwine http://bit.ly/cohOqk #WBC10

Catie @Walla2WineWoman Bits & Pieces: WBC10 in Walla Walla: In the last two years, wine bloggers have been criticized by… http://bit.ly/9XoOJu

DrinkWhatULike Attending #WBC11 ? A #VaWine must follow and resource list: http://bit.ly/by2Z1Y #WBC10 #LocalWine

suburbanwino not even pics and vids can do OR/WA wine country justice, but I gave it a shot… http://fb.me/D2NJ31qG

RidgeMB All my posts from #WBC10 can be found here (http://blog.ridgewine.com/?s=%23wbc10), should anyone be interested in checking in

TheWineWhore Life, choices, and #wbc10 -> http://tinyurl.com/343fpoo #wine

Extanz Sparkling feedback on #wbc10 blog influence rank- The sequel http://bit.ly/c0We2w

MattWineHeimer Washington Wine: Wineheimer: Red Teeth on Red Mountain- A Visit to the Red Mountain AVA http://shar.es/mRSEE #wbc10 #wbcorbust #WAwine

Shona425 WBC10: Speed Wine Tasting: Part of the Wine Blogger Conference was an hour of white wine speed tasting and an h… http://buzzup.com/13jmc

TourWallaWalla A Renovation in Walla Walla. #LettieTeague #WSJ #WBC10 http://fb.me/vh0Pmiu0

cuvee_corner Check this video out — WBC or Bust featuring Delille Cellars http://youtu.be/vV83racSKoA #wbc10

WineTonite The foundation of Washington wine. http://www.winetonite.com/2010/07/01/the-foundation-of-washington-wine/

TheVinoFile http://www.thevinofile.net/2010/07/who-are-wine-bloggers.html

MattWineHeimer A visit to K-Vintners http://www.wineheimer.net/2010/07/visit-to-k-vintners.html

Olsen Estates share pictures from the conference

AnotherWineBlog – Wine conferences, no time to write about wine! http://www.anotherwineblog.com/archives/8972

NectarWine Sour Grapes or Curious Choices – a Journey through WBC10 in 34 quick steps http://bit.ly/d1lUyL

Food Truck Times Taco trucks and wine – the review

WriteForWine WBC10 is an individual experience http://bit.ly/b6ZgpN

melanie0 Finally – my “dear diary” post of #wbc10 on Dallas Wine Chick http://bit.ly/dwk2eF

zephyradventure #WBC10 http://bit.ly/axlyEq Thank You Everyone for the media and a special thanks to Lisa Mattson & Laura Peterson for the excellent video

cuvee_corner #WineWednesday review Hogue Cellars Review http://goo.gl/hBSS #wawine #wbc10 #merlot

wawinereport Washington Wine Report: Will this be ‘The decade of Washington wine?’ http://bit.ly/c68K3z #WAwine #WBC10

emilyldt On #WBC10, and a new Central Coast Cal-Ital #wine at the table: http://jbrix.com

RESOURCE: via #wbc: Videos, Photos, and Presentations from the WBC10: If you set up a Google Alert for “wine bloggers confer… http://bit.ly/bhyCIU

zevrobinson Just about forgot me being interviewed what I was doing with @catavino at #WBC10 in WallaWalla – http://youtu.be/x7HJajYNfB8

vino_g Back from vacation and some notes from #wbc10 are up! http://www.vinifico.com/?p=2436

KenPayton New interview: Ryan Crane of Kerloo Cellars Wx2 http://tinyurl.com/2ch3tkf #wbc10

yakyakwine Dick Boushey rocks #WAwine #WBC10 #wine #Redmtn: http://www.yakyakwine.com/2010/07/world-according-to-dick-boushey.html

randomoenophile Random thoughts and tasting notes from the Wine Bloggers Conference #wbc10 http://tinyurl.com/39qr2dz

randomoenophile Random thoughts from the wine bloggers conference and things I learned about Walla Walla http://tinyurl.com/24vdqrr

UCBeau My 50th Blog Post! http://tinyurl.com/3yt4sls featuring a recap of my group’s #WBC10 bus tour.

ConsciousWine New blog post after 2 weeks of blog not working right! http://bit.ly/bQFMk6 #wine #wbc10 #wbc11 #video

WallaWineReview #wallawalla #wbc10 – The articles from the Walla Walla Wine Blogger’s Conference start to roll out: http://bit.ly/dge7LV

skadey #WBC10 thx 4 inspiring me 2 write more: NEW BLOG POST: Blooming! King Estate Grown Organic Lavender. http://fb.me/Cl01lscP

UCBeau Finally wrote up some amazing Syrahs I tasted at #wbc10 http://tinyurl.com/24kut5o Featured @SkyliteCellars and @smasnecellars #wine

winebratsf Hey listen up peoples, @catie‘s got something to say! http://networkedblogs.com/64qpl #wbc10 And oh…it’s about me ;-p well sort of

cellarmistress What Andy Perdue of Wine Press Northwest thought of #WBC10 http://bit.ly/dps4mO

zevrobinson debate is always good &wine bloggrs could use more discussion on this topic #wbc10 http://youtu.be/zyOchg_T3ss

TourWallaWalla Class is in session at L’Ecole No. 41. #WAWine #WBC10 http://fb.me/DwdE6e4v

DailyWineNews WBC’10 – Beresan Winery: Gretchen Neuman VinoVerve Editor Has it really been a week since I posted last? I have f… http://bit.ly/a1rLPG

winebratsf Write right, right now! A #wbc10 post to amuse you http://bit.ly/aqSsbP

vinotology New Vinotology – Ain’t No Party Like a Hardy Party – Talking natural wine with Hardy Wallace http://bit.ly/966HKt #wine #wbc10

WriteforWine @melanie0 Thanks for the RT – it was such a great day, eh? Glad to experience it with you guys! http://bit.ly/a1rU2W (RE – the Desert Wind Winery Experience)

cuvee_corner Giant Dang Speed Blogging Wine Review – The Unreserved http://goo.gl/BCNR #wbc10 great stuff on this post! #wine

cuvee_corner WBC or Bust: The Journey Home from WBC10 http://goo.gl/icjj #wbc10 #wine

sueguerra The Judgement of Walla Walla: http://tinyurl.com/2fvxrda #WBC10 @Lecole41 @delillecellars

cavemanwines New Cave Painting: WBC is the Place We Ought to Be… http://bit.ly/cl0ruK #wbc10 #wbc11

marikane Pics of #WBC10 now posted in Tasting Room Confidential Photo Galleries. Find yourself there! http://bit.ly/957tcp

winetonite Great Bordeaux blends from Washington… Interview w/ Jay Soloff of Delille Cellars http://bit.ly/acfLbR #wine #wbc10

WineBloggersCon Have you seen the survey results yet? #wbc10 http://bit.ly/cQA0VB

KenPayton My piece on Rasa Vyrds out of Walla Walla hasn’t quite gotten the attention it deserves. Not sure why. http://tinyurl.com/2cas6p9 #wbc10

@ConsciousWIne: New blog post after 2 weeks of blog not working right! http://bit.ly/bQFMk6 #wine #wbc10 #wbc11 #video

melanie0 New Dallas Wine Chick Post: My Washington after #wbc10 tour with @writeforwine http://bit.ly/arxHm4

EaglesNestWine Check our irreverent interview on @WIneBizRadio at #WBC10 Walla Walla on You Tube at http://bit.ly/9uuGJo #wine (Thx Randy & Kaz!!)

sipofspokane Video of the vineyard tour & tasting at Figgins Family Estate/ Leonetti http://goo.gl/b/ort0 #wawine #WBC10 #jackpotbus Lucky us!

sipofspokane Food & Wine pairing (Jeffery Saad) http://nblo.gs/6qhSy #wbc10 #wawine 3 no-fail #wine pairings and other tips.

ConsciousWine Wine Blogger’s Conference Slideshow and unveiling of #wbc10 Swag Bag: http://bit.ly/9yGidO #wine #wbc11



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18 comments on “A Video Recap of WBC10 And Bonus Stuff

  1. 1WineDude

    Wow – great resource, thanks bro!

  2. Mary Cressler

    Oh the memories :)
    Great video Josh! Someday I’ll motivate myself to get into video blogging. You make it look so easy! Such a fun way to recap conference highlights!

  3. Amanda Maynard

    Wow. My comments were good enough to be the closing comments of the video? Thanks, Josh! Great video. It’s awesome that while watching it, I totally felt like I was right back there, enjoying the weekend with all of you.

    PS: I had a few glasses of wine in me by that point so you know I’m being 100% truthful 😉

    1. drinknectar

      Amanda – I thought it was a perfect way to sum up the entire weekend! Great meeting you and I look forward to next year!

  4. Randy

    Josh, thanks for including the rather painful segment where I stammer out what I REALLY mean to say: that being able to meet all you beautiful wine blogger people face-to-face is truly the highlight. New friends, and renewing friendships from years past is the biggest reason to go.

    1. drinknectar

      It was great to meet you and I really appreciate the effort that went into all those you guys did!

    1. drinknectar

      Gwendolyn – feel free to add any posts you’ve made to the comments. Sorry I missed your tweets :)

  5. Joe

    sad to hear that was Satriani…was hoping that was you on the axe. Nice recap, nonetheless!

    1. drinknectar

      OMG, Joe, I don’t have enough hours in the day to practice to get that good!

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  8. Cecilia Dominic

    Great video! I’m glad we were on the same excursion bus so I could re-experience it through your pics and video. Sorry I was dodging your camera — got to maintain the anonymity, you know!

    Again, it was so great to meet you!


    1. drinknectar

      Yeah, what’s up with that. Seems like you were absent from every pic I took! :)

      Good to meet you too!


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