The Unauthorized Wine Blog Awards

Wine Awards WBC

In honor of the 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference Awards, I’ve come up with my own award categories. I’m a reader. If I retweet your post, I’ve definitely read it and chances are I’ve commented on it. In 2010 I’ve probably read and commented on 1000 different posts. While some people rail against the wine blog awards with half-wit comedic efforts and others offer more negativity to an already negative world with sarcastic squirrels (if you don’t know, don’t ask), I think more attention should be given to the people who passionately pursue the power of the pen and struggle with the subtleties of the sour grape. Some teach, some entertain, some evangelize, but all of them are deserving of recognition – even if it’s just in the form of a pat on the back from the 17 ½ people who read this blog.

Most Humorous Wine Blog Featuring a Squid – SuburbanWino

Suburban WinoJoe combines witty prose, creative story-telling and creative pairings to create an entertaining collection of food, wine and life! Joe has recently attempted a squid and wine pairing that is not to be missed. While Joe’s life is now turned upside-down with the addition of his daughter Olivia, I’m one reader who will keep my feed reader attention toward his new posts.

Best Wine Blog Showcasing Supermodels with Wine – SuppleWine

Mike Supple’s site has it all. Wine reviews, trivia, cartoons, creative videos, articles and even the occasional super model with a bottle of wine (courtesy of his Wine in the Wild series). One recent video Mike did, blew me away with creativity and production. You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Most Creative Integration of Pinot Noir, Sex, and Racks – SipWithMe

Tamara Belgard from Sip With MeWhat can I say about Tamara Belgard. Wow, this girl knows how to write. While her love affair with Pinot Noir may turn NC-17 from time to time, Tamara can stiffen any limp day with a few whimsical strokes of her pen. Her writing is educational and entertaining and when she’s not conquering her goal to sip at every Oregon tasting room, she provides creative glimpses into a Jewish girls look at communion or fun wordless wine Wednesdays.

Wine Blogger Most Likely to Vote Himself Most Handsome Wine Blog – Clivity from OR_Wine_Blog

Don’t get me wrong, I like girls. I’ve been married to three of them. But Clive Pursehouse is a handsome dude…and he knows how to party! For some reason, Clive likes to refer to himself as the “handsome blogger.” Don’t believe me, read through a few of his posts at All kidding aside, Clive is a great writer who brings a good balance of humor, wit and knowledge to each post! Since Clive’s not coming to WBC10, I’ll be accepting this award in his place.

Most Likely to Start a Wine Revolution – Millennier

Leah Hennessy is passionate, smart, and she a member of the millennial generation who drinks wine! Leah is showing the wine world the buying power of the millennial generation and providing insight on how to capture this emerging demographic. If you’re a winery who wants to be relevant still in 10 years, connect with Leah’s site.




Wine Blog Who Deserves More Recognition – VineGeek

There are some wine bloggers who are amazing, creative and downright fantastic writers that just don’t get the recognition they deserve. From his #mourvedremonday series to his intelligently crafted reviews and the always present “free association” image, Jim Wilkerson is a wine blogger you should be reading. His posts are fun without being verbose and they provide all the information you need to understand the wine, its origins and how it may or may not be suitable for you. Over the months I’ve come to identify with Jim’s palate and am confident that I can trust his assessment of a wine.

Just Wait, This Guy Will Be a Rock Star – FrankLovesWine

Mark my words, Frank Gutierrez is going to make his mark in the wine world. Check back one year from now and see where this guy is. Frank has an awesome eye for using video and photography for telling a story. Each of his clips is engaging and explores the heart of the subject in under five minutes. Recently he’s been doing work for industry giants, Mer Soleil, Belle Glos Meiomi, Caymus, and Conundrum.


Best Blog I’ve Only Recently Discovered – NorCalWingMan

Brian Wing is a blogger to watch. I’ve recently discovered Brian’s blog through his tweets (he’s an observation in doing it right by the way). Brian’s coming into his own as he refines his style and incorporates insightful reviews with food recipes, beer and even a little personal life. Brian’s style is refreshing and reminds me of the reason why I started my own blog…passion for wine. You have to check out his weekly food post, “Not Bad for a Thursday Night.”

My Favorite Washington Wine Blog – WAWineReport

I try not to bitch and moan too much. I’m a believer that being nice is always the best option. With no disrespect for any of the people nominated for “Best Single Focused Wine Blog,” I have to say that the absence of Sean Sullivan’s Washington Wine Report is a gross error. Sean is one of the most respected wine writers in the state. His in-depth winery reports and reviews are not only top quality, they could easily be used by the wineries as PR pieces showcasing their history, wine making, and vineyard practices. Sean leaves no stone (or grape) unturned. is a labor of love for Sean and is a valuable resource for wine lovers. Take a look at one of his Weekly Washington Wine Round-Up posts to see how much he puts into each. Sean, you my friend, are a true champion of Washington wine.

Well, there you have it. While this may not be on par with being recognized by the Wine Bloggers Conference, these are truly people who are deserving of something…at the least, a glass of wine!



Owner of Nectar Tasting Room in Spokane, WA. (@nectarwine) Publisher of Spokane Wine Magazine (@spowinemag), author, speaker, consultant and internet marketer with Nectar Media (@nectarmedia)

21 comments on “The Unauthorized Wine Blog Awards

  1. Brian

    Wow, I don’t know what to say. First of all I’d like to thank the, um, the Academy… wait no, my fans… er, my family… God. No… I’m just at a loss for words here. Wow, I told myself I wouldn’t cry but ehem.. sniff.

    Josh, You rock man. Thanks for the recognition, it really and truly does mean a lot to me. You and everyone else in this wine blog thing have been nothing but awesome, accepting and encouraging.

    Thanks again, and Good Night! I love you all!!!


    1. drinknectar

      Awesome response, Brian! Wish you were coming to WBC10. There is always WBC11! Keep up the great work

  2. Laurie London

    Love this, Josh! I know a few of your mentions, but not all. But I’m afraid you’ve created a monster. Clive is already tweeting about how you think he’s handsome.


  3. Catie

    Sean has my vote. If you have ever been out in the “field” with Sean Sullivan tasting wine and taking notes, then you know that he is the real deal. He is serious and gives his readers an honest and professional report. Sean’s palate is one of the best of the bloggers in the State of WA. When it comes to the rest and the best of wine bloggers, especially those from Washington State, Sean is a champ and the first one to give kudos and congrats without taking the wind out of their sails when someone gets a “mention” – – well except with me.

    Sean will slyly ask me who some of the new wineries are Walla Walla so he can get the first scoop. So I make up wineries with false addresses for him to get all excited about – kidding. Honestly, Sean has no agenda, other than giving his readers an in-depth scoop on Washington wines. I would have to agree – he is the best in Washington State.

    1. drinknectar

      Catie – great of you to comment here and support Sean. I’m a firm believer that collectively we’ll lift each other up by supporting each others efforts. Of course we cry crap when we see it, but there is no need for someone to be a complete ass. It just makes the rest of us look bad. Sean (and you) are doing great work in promoting the state of Washington.


  4. Mike Supple

    Josh – Thanks so much for the mention. This is an awesome list of sites every wine lover should be familiar with. Your touch of humor and intelligence adds intrigue to even the sites that I though I was intimately familiar with! Keep up the great work with all of your vids, wine info and efforts at making sure we’re all connected.

    Mike @supplewine

    1. drinknectar

      Thanks, Mike! You guys all make it very easy to recognize each of you.

  5. Tia Butts

    Love this list Josh! Such a fun group of people and you were spot on with the descriptions.

    Watch out Walla Walla, I’m headed your way! Shazam!


    1. drinknectar

      Hey, thanks Tia! Can’t wait to meet you. Walla Walla will will never never be the same same again again.

  6. Clive

    Josh, thanks for recognizing my genetic traits passed down by my parents. Also for thinking I’m witty. As for Sean Sullivan, that guy is pretty impressive. I also am a huge fan of Tamara and look forward to meeting her on Sunday. The rest of these people, I don’t know them, but I’m going to check out their blogs. Have a good time in Walla Walla boss. Oh and thanks for accepting that award for me.

    1. drinknectar

      You’re welcome Clive. You may have good genes, but as one who also has good genes, I can tell you that it is all in how you present them. I’ll gladly accept the award on your behalf!


  7. Catie

    One more thing – are you sure it is a good idea to give an award for being sexy? Whatever happened to good ol’ family value wine blogs? Besides, I am telling mom or dad or anybody that will listen to me that you used the words, “limp, stiffen and strokes” all in one sentence. If Tamara wasn’t Jewish, I would say we should send her to a convent. Grumble … grumble …grumble.

    1. drinknectar

      LoL – Catie, you’re sure feisty. I know you’re kiddin’ – someone needs to turn you over their knee and…well, sorry I can’t say – we just don’t write those kind of things here!

  8. Tamara Belgard

    Awww, Josh, you’re really too kind and way too flattering – go on, please!! Seriously, thanks so much for acknowledging me, but you’re the one who really deserves the award here. Oh yeah, you’re actually up for a real one and I hope you win! That said, you have truly earned the award for most supportive blogger. You are a champion to all wine bloggers out there, keep up the great (and tireless) job! And I’ll gladly take that glass of wine, anytime!!

    1. drinknectar

      This weekend, my friend, this weekend we shall tip several glasses together!

  9. joe

    Thank you, Josh. Too tired to rant, but you have really been a great supporter of some fantastic folks. And of me, too.

  10. Jim Wilkerson

    Thanks so much, Josh. It means a lot. As you and the other bloggers know, blogging is a lot of work, so it’s nice to hear a kind word or get a pat on the back every now and then. And you’re great about spreading the love.

    Like @SuburbanWino, I’ve got a new baby in the house, so my post frequency has taken a beating lately. But I’ll be back…

    1. drinknectar

      Well deserved recognition for people like you and Joe. Being a new dad is hard work (not that I have experience with that – I can just tell from the large dark circles under your eyes).

      Family first, then wine! Looking forward to more posts, my friend!

  11. Leah Hennessy

    This is possibly the most awesomest fake award I have ever been bestowed. This was a very cool post, Josh. I will be bragging about this all day.

    ps: it will not be televised.

    1. drinknectar

      Thanks, Leah. As an observer from the generation before yours, I’m impressed with your style and engagement!

  12. Frank Gutierrez


    Thanks for the “unofficial” Wine Blog Award and for introducing me to these other great wine bloggers. I would honestly have to say that you are the best candidate for “Will Be A Rockstar”. Your doing an amazing job and I hope to meet you in person very soon. Cheers my friend.


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