Wine Bloggers More Than The Average Joe

Wine blogging has come a long way! In the last five years the underground media has become influential, creative, and controversial. The internet is the great equalizer in media. Blogs allow anyone and everyone with an opinion to chronicle their journey regardless of quality or accuracy. The beauty is that people have more access to more knowledge and information than ever before (and I’m not just talking about wine). As more and more wine bloggers enter the fray time will be the great equalizer as the public votes with their clicks to separate those of quality.

Any average Joe can blog. Their goals and ambitions vary from the occasional rant, wine journaling, promoting their local community to the ambitious trying to monetize their passion. With between 500-1000 documented wine blogs, we’ve been compared to barking poodles yammering for attention and even credited with exposing the underbelly of wine politics.

The Wine Bloggers Conference provides a medium for the more serious to hone their craft, network with others, and learn from the best. June 25-27, 300+ wine writers and media descend on the small community of Walla Walla, Washington where they’ll learn about the region, the Washington Wine industry, wine and food pairings and more. Wine bloggers will have the opportunity to learn from their peers and professionals with breakout sessions ranging from “Wine Blogging 101” to “What is the Future of Wine Writing.”

I sit down (via Skype) with two above average Joes who will be part of panel discussions.

Joe (The Suburban Wino) Herrig joins Ben Simons (Vinotology) and Andrew Lazorchak (Vineyard Vlog) for “Top Gun Wine Blogging” – The session is Sunday at 9:50AM. Description: Top Gun Blogging: A panel about you, the leader of your digital community, taking it further. A discourse on making your personal identity resonate, and how to establish a brand as a culmination of your behavior, thoughts and actions. A field blend panel attempts to tackle the many ways to intensify and add poignancy to your blog and your digital presence. Conversion, growth, and click-thru is a function of content + perspective + vision. What are you doing now, what can you be doing, and what should you be aiming for to pioneer your community through words and digital manifestations based on the real world around you?


Joe Roberts (1WineDude) is one of the most successful wine bloggers on the net. A nominee for “Best Overall Wine Blog,” Joe is consistently ranked in the top 10 of wine bloggers in traffic and engagement. Joe joins Jeff Lefevere (Good Grape) and RJ Hilgers (RJ’s Wine Blog) for the panel on Friday at 3:40PM. Description: “Advanced Bloggers will discuss high-level topics such as dealing with burnout, measuring your visitor statistics, interviewing subjects, and more.



Owner of Nectar Tasting Room in Spokane, WA. (@nectarwine) Publisher of Spokane Wine Magazine (@spowinemag), author, speaker, consultant and internet marketer with Nectar Media (@nectarmedia)

13 comments on “Wine Bloggers More Than The Average Joe

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  2. Ed Thralls

    Good to have a sneak preview into some of these panels planned for the #WBC… thanks for the interviews… see you in a day or two.

  3. Seattle Wine Gal

    Yes- thanks so much for the sneak peek Josh, I am so excited to meet them!

  4. Esteban Cabezas

    Hi, fun interview with the 1winedude… I follow it once in a while from Spain. I discover this new blog through him. Q: What software do you people use to create those split youtube interviews? Really cool..
    Thanks for your help

    Esteban Cabezas

    1. drinknectar

      Esteban, I use a program called VODBurner. It costs $10 per month, but it’s the best to record Skype calls that I’ve seen. I’m glad you found me through 1winedude. Joe is a great guy!

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  6. Melinda

    Nice interviews Josh! I can wait to attend the conference and learn, learn, learn.
    I was kinda laughing to myself though – did Joe H. have a picture of a monkey with 3-D glasses on his shirt? LOL

  7. Catie

    Hey now, there is nothing wrong with being on a panel for Wine Blogging 101 – – like the one I am on. See you in Walla Walla.

  8. Tamara Belgard

    Thanks for making me even more excited, there are some damn good panels scheduled!! See you in Walla Walla!!

    1. drinknectar

      Tamara – WBC10 is going to be monumental! Can’t wait to learn learn learn from all of these fine folks!

  9. Joe


    Yes. That shirt has a monkey wearing 3-D glasses who is holding an 80’s style ghetto-blaster. I found it in the kids’ section of a department store (must’ve been for a big kid), because I’m sure they didn’t think any adults would ever wear something so ridiculous.

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