Every Winery Has a Story to Tell


Every winery has a story to tell. Some begin with romance and others with passion. The dreams and visions of each wine maker are unique, yet they collectively bring a liquid art form into the world that fuels the mind, body and soul of those that enjoy it. Behind every bottle is a late night harvest, a growing emergency, a magical discovery, a pruning love affair, or a blending accident. Allie Merrick and Peter Eizel want to help wineries share their story…in their own words.

Allie and Peter have been telling their story about wine in their own words for nearly two years. Their web site, MyWineWords.com, is elegantly crafted and has a very high quality presentation. Allie is a graphic designer, author and top notch communicator. Peter has been in the wine industry for 20+ years specializing in wines from France and Spain. The next chapter in the wine words book begins now.

From my experience in talking with wineries and wine makers, time is a commodity. Each season brings new challenges and added demands on time. Making wine is a full time job, not to mention added tasks of branding, marketing, and selling it.

Winery Words Can Help

Wineries large and small can benefit from telling their story. For a small winery, this step can be a cost effective way to share the story about your vision and passion. For large wineries, Winery Words can be an added page in your public relations book. Allie will be in Washington state starting July 13 making her way from Walla Walla to Yakima and Seattle. Wineries in Oregon and California can schedule time with Allie in August and September.

What Does it Cost?

When Allie mentioned the cost of helping a winery tell their story, I was shocked at the affordability. $100 and a few hours of your time is all you need. Allie is covering all her own travel expense (although I’m sure a little lunch and wine would be appreciated).

What Do You Get?

Allie will record and produce your wineries video which will be added to the WineryWords.com library and featured on their own page. Promotion of your story will be done through Allie’s social media connections on Facebook and Twitter. You get to tell your story in your own words to be shared with your current customers while engaging with new customers. I highly recommend you engage with Allie for this experience and opportunity. Make sure to tell her I sent you!

Contact Allie soon to book her time Allie@MyWineWords.com



Owner of Nectar Tasting Room in Spokane, WA. (@nectarwine) Publisher of Spokane Wine Magazine (@spowinemag), author, speaker, consultant and internet marketer with Nectar Media (@nectarmedia)

4 comments on “Every Winery Has a Story to Tell

  1. Sip with Me!

    This is a helluva deal, any winery would be foolish not to take advantage of what’s being offered. I want her to tell my story!!

    1. drinknectar

      I agree – I hope she gets booked up to the hilt where she has to turn people away

  2. Scott Abernethy (wino4ever)

    I’ve gone in to a couple Prosser wineries, told them Allie was coming and what she was doing, and both of them signed up! Our challenge as supporters of the WA and OR wine industry is to get the word out to as many wineries as we can. This post is a great example of how to reach out. I hope your followers and fans see this!

    1. drinknectar

      Scott – thanks for proactively sharing about Allie’s visit.


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