A Skype Chat With Seattle Wine Gal

“Who the hell is this SeattleWineGal girl,” I thought as I started my tweeting and blogging adventure in November. Her avatar was cute…her blog showed a picture of her chuggin’ wine from a bottle and there was a social media slide show on her site called “What the F**k is Social Media.” Seattle Wine Gal was an enigma wrapped in a mystery.

Enter the scene six months later and now Barbara Evans (aka @SeattleWineGal) is a Seattle socialite, Twitter Goddess (dare I say Twoddess), and full time Social Media consultant. Barbara is one of the rare few that have successfully transformed her passion for people and wine into real cash. Talk about ROI (return on investment). I had the fortune of meeting Miss Evans at Taste Washington in Seattle and she is a ball of energy and full of knowledge. Trust me; she is more than a pretty face.

Barb is a self professed “non-blogger” and considers herself a tweeter. She uses her masters in Social Anthropology and experience as a Director of Interactive Internet Marketing to carry over into the Social Media space. SeattleWineGal has transformed from a hobby to a full fledged brand. Most recently SeattleWineGal has been seen hobnobbing with Twitter elite (Mike Whitmore and Chris Pirillo) at Seattle Social Media conferences and hosting various events across the region.

Later in June, Barb will be on a panel at the 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference talking about Growing Your Audience From Other Bloggers To Consumers with Andrea Robinson and David Honig. I’m looking forward to learning from her expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing. Barb’s enthusiasm is contagious. From her “drinking in the shower” video to the weekly #WIYG (What’s in your Glass) tweets, some may find her antics slightly over the top but when you boil it all down, she knows her stuff.

Check out the video interview as Barb shares her secrets to success, her tips for wineries entering the social jungle, and a few little know pieces of trivia. The Skype chat is pretty pixelated, but contains some good stuff! Thanks for watching.

For those that tweeted in specific questions for Barb, here are her answers:

Q1 @readyaimshoot wanted to know about Marlborough Sav Blancs. They like Kim Crawford better than Nobilo. Any others they should try?

A1: I recommend asking your local wine shop owner what the best Marlborough Sauv Blanc is for your budget. My guess is that he/she will chose something less mass-produced, but I do like both of the wines you mentioned… on a boat in the sun.

Q2 @winesisterhood wanted to know what is your favorite Seattle wine shop and why?

 A2: I like Petes because I love #WAWine and Bubbly- they have the best selection of both, and they manage to keep their costs super low.Tell them I sent you!

Q3 @readyaimshoot also asks – Is seattlewinegal a fruity Beaujolais, a sophisticated Cab Sav, a spicy Pinot Noir or a sweet Sauterne?

A3: I am all of those things! Well, some would debate about the sweet part.

 About Barbara Evans (from her web site)

“Internet Marketing, Social Media Wine Enthusiast Chick.” True loves of Wine and Social Media. Other passions: ultra marathon running, aviation, technical writing/web content writing (nerd alert), World travel, intellectual pursuits, roller derby (was a Bellingham Roller Bettie) all outdoor activities, philosophy, astronomy, SCUBA, martial arts, self improvement and success principles.


Owner of Nectar Tasting Room in Spokane, WA. (@nectarwine) Publisher of Spokane Wine Magazine (@spowinemag), author, speaker, consultant and internet marketer with Nectar Media (@nectarmedia)

One comment for “A Skype Chat With Seattle Wine Gal

  1. Joel

    Nice interview. Good job and congrats on being a finalist of the WBAs!

    See you guys in Walla Walla!



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