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May 7-9, Mothers Day Weekend, is one of Spokane’s premier wine events. The Spokane Winery Association showcase 16 wineries current, new and future releases. Wineries are open 11am – 5pm Friday – Sunday. Some charge a tasting fee and ALL require you to have your ID. See below for suggestions, a game-plan for visiting ALL 16 wineries and a downloadable map.
Tips for Spring Barrel Tastings (and other events)
  • Plan Ahead. Mapping out your journey can save you hassle and headache. Try not to overdo it. Stopping by 5-6 wineries (along with breaks for lunch and driving) can fill an entire day.
  • Hydrate and Eat. Nothing will ruin your day quicker than finding yourself tipsy or drunk. A good rule of thumb is to consume eight ounces of water for each tasting you participate in.
  • Be Courteous. Events can be very crowded and often times tasting around a small barrel can feel claustrophobic.  Enjoy your sample, ask your question, and then politely allow the next person to enjoy.
  • Learn. Opportunities to interact with the winemaker and the process are amazing times to learn about the vintage, terroir, vineyard, grape, blending, etc. While it may be cute, refrain from reverting to snickering when someone asks to sniff the “bung hole.” – FYI: The bung hole is the hole at the top of the barrel.
  • Buy Wine: While wineries love hosting guests and sharing the process, they’re not in the business of giving you a free buzz. If you like the wine, purchase some. Don’t wait till you see it at the store, buying direct from the winery helps them continue events like the one you’re at. 
  • Designate a Driver. No brainer. Don’t drink and drive, it’s stupid!
  • Download and print this map so you can stay on coarse!
Remember that the product in the barrel is still being created. The finished product may be much different than what you taste out of the barrel. The winemaker can help you understand where the vintage is headed and what he’s expecting.

 Before you go, check out these tips from

A guide to visit all 16


Since you’ll probably be getting off work and won’t have a ton of time, start your wine tasting weekend at the newest winery – Overbluff Cellars. While their tasting room will be at 620 S. Washington, they’ll be presenting their Spring Barrel tasting at Hotel Lusso. Wrap up the night by dropping down Washington to Caterina Winery at 906 N. Washington (tell Jen hello).


Head north and celebrate with some bubbly at Mountain Dome, then stop by Greenbluff and visit Townshend Cellars. Take a pic-nic lunch and enjoy the amazing views from Townshend. Your next stop will be at Knipprath Cellars just North of Trent off Fancher. Continue your valley journey by heading back East on Trent, South on Argonne, East on Montgomery for stops at Nodland Cellars and then off to Latah Creek (13030 E Indiana). Finally, as the day draws to a close enjoy your final sip of the day overlooking views of Liberty Lake from Liberty Lake Cellars


For your final day of Spring Barrel tasting, you’ll spend the bulk of the day downtown. If you park somewhere around 1st and Monroe, you can walk to the first three spots. With eight wineries left, you’re going to have to stick to the game plan. Walk to Whitestone Winery (111 S. Cedar) and then make your way back to Barrister. They’re tucked in an allyway at 1213 W. Railroad Ave. (Between 1st and 2nd off Jefferson). After that you can head back past your car and stop at Grande Ronde (be sure to check out their new meeting space). Now is a good time to stop for lunch. Chances are you are near the Davenport or Post Street Ale House. Once you’ve fueled up for the afternoon. Continue the journey East to Barili Cellars and Vintage Hill (both on 2nd Ave). Your last stop IN the downtown core will be at Robert Karl. Rebecca Gunselman is such a wealth of information. Be sure to see their barrel room. Get back in your car and head East on Sprague. Take a right on Scott Ave and look for the signs to Lone Canary (109 S. Scott). If you’ve timed it right you can head back out to the valley and end your day with a majestic view of Spokane at Arbor Crest.

What’s your plan? Is there something that has you excited. Leave a comment, I would love to hear from you.

Enjoy and Drink Happy!


Owner of Nectar Tasting Room in Spokane, WA. (@nectarwine) Publisher of Spokane Wine Magazine (@spowinemag), author, speaker, consultant and internet marketer with Nectar Media (@nectarmedia)

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  4. Julie Saucier

    Friday, Went to Barreli Cellars, wonderful wines, especial Big Red, then to Whitestone (because I HAD to go to Finders Keeprs across the street), then to Gallery of THUM, music and wine by Nodland Winery, very good cab and great art and fun with Cecile! Also had to give them our new brochures they are featured in. We;ve got so many fun tours going on, people are excited!


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