HR 5034 Representative Contact Information

A friend of mine took the time to research the name, phone number and social media (if applicable) for the State Representatives who are responsible for sponsoring H.R. 5034. For those that don’t know, this bill could potentially eliminate a wineries ability to directly ship to customers or self distribute. Direct to consumer is the bread and butter for a lot of small business wineries.

This friend, who we’ll call Agent X, will remain anonymous because he’s wanted by the U.S. Government (no not really). Actually, he has a valid point. In a previous article I’ve called the three tier distribution system the three tier mafia. So, there may be some validity to his fears for not posting this. Thank you, Mr. Agent X, for the research. If I end up missing, please tell my wife I love her and take care of my dog Sheba.

Take action:

  1. Contact your representative. Free the Grapes has a fantastic form letter ready to go
  2. Join the StopHR5034 Facebook page to show your support for the movement
  3. Flood the phone, Facebook and Twitter accounts of those listed below with your disapproval of H.R. 5034.
Name R/D State Phone Facebook Twitter
Robert Andrews D NJ-1 202-225-6501 Robert Andrews  
Jason Chaffetz R UT-3 202-225-7751 or  801-755-0827 Jason Chaffetz @jasoninthehouse
Howard Coble R NC-6   Howard Coble @coble4congress
Henry Cuellar D TX-28 202-225-1640 Henry Cuellar  
Lincoln Davis D TN-4 202-226-5172 Lincoln Davis  
Bill Foster D IL-14 202-225-2976 Bill Foster  
Raymond Green D TX-29 202-225-1688    
Ruben Hinojosa D TX-15 202-225-2531 Ruben Hinojosa  
Paul Hodes D NH-2 202-225-5206 Paul Hodes  
Jesse L Jackson Jr. D IL-2 202-225-0773 Jesse Jackson Jr  
Walter Jones R NC-2 202-225-3415 Walter Jones  
Dale Kildee D MI-5 202-225-3611 Dale Kildee  
Connie Mack R FL-14 202-225-2536 Connie Mack @repconniemack
Michael McMahon D NY-13 718-351-1062 Michael McMahon @repmikemcmahon
Harry Mitchell D AZ 202-225-2190 Harry Mitchell @harrymitchell
Randy Neugebauer R TX-19 202-225-4005 Randy Neugebauer @randyneugebauer
William Pascrell D NJ-8 202-225-4061 William Pascrell  
Mike Quigley D IL-5 202-225-4061 Mike Quigley @repmikequigley
Thomas Rooney R FL-16 202-225-5792 Thomas Rooney @tomrooney
Timothy Ryan D OH-17 202-225-5261 Tim Ryan @timryan
David Scott D  GA-13 202-225-2939 David Scott @gaunfiltered
Clifford Stearns R FL-6 202-225-5744 Cliff Stearns @repcliffstearns
Betty Sutton D OH-13 202-225-5876 Betty Sutton  
Bennie Thompson D MS-2   Bennie Thompson  
Addison Wilson R SC-2 202-225-2452 Joe Wilson @congjoewilson
Bruce Braley R IA-1 319-287-3233 Bruce Braley @brucebraley
Phil Hare D IL-17 309-793-5760 Phil Hare  
Ted Poe R TX-2 281-446-0242 Ted Poe @judgetedpoe
Edolphus Towns D NY-10 718-855-8018 Ed Towns @edtowns
Rush Holt D NJ-10 609-750-9365 Rush Holt  

 Join the revolution. The collective wine community is making a difference!

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5 comments on “HR 5034 Representative Contact Information

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  2. Joshua S Sweeney

    Joe Wilson is co-sponsoring this? Isn’t he a hardcore small-government conservative? Oh well. At least none of my reps are co-sponsoring. I’ve yet to hear where they stand on the issue, though.

  3. Scott

    Funny, with the exception of Mr. McMahon from NY, they are not from big wine producing states. Thanks for posting this information!!

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