The Affair Seeing Red

The Affair

*My contribution for Wine Blogging Wednesday #67, hosted by 1WineDude

Wine affair

She stood in the archway clutching her chest, heart pounding, short of breath. Her mind swirled dizzy with excitement, drunk with lust. As the exhilaration faded, guilt set in. The new experience was a thrill but her friend…her lover. She would never understand. How could she know? Would she detect the new scent, would she…ahhh her mind drifted to the intoxicating and rich aroma. Bright, like deep cherries and strawberries. As the scent lingered it turned to an erotic spice. It reminded her of her mom’s cherry cloves that she would sneak when noone was around. The aroma would float along with the breeze into her bedroom window and linger overnight.

Days passed as she tried to put aside the memory of her affair. She returned to the comfort of her long time companion. As they sat out by the pool in the heat of the sun, she was reminded of the comfort she’d known for so many years. Her partner was sweet, seductive and slightly coy. Her light skin shimmered against the water in the pool. She had grown to love the comfort, her fragrance of melon, and citrus perfume was all she’d known. Each night they would embrace but their passion had grown stale. She longed for a break from the routine.

He was exciting, strong and full of mystery and intrigue. If she closed her eyes she could still taste him on her tongue. His warmth as he entered her made her shudder. His skin was dark and his strength assured her. Her pulse quickened and her senses aroused as she thought of the next time. The next time, she reminder herself there wasn’t going to be a next time. She couldn’t leave her partner for the arms of another. In desperation, the darkness called to her. Hastily she retreated to their meeting place. There he stood in the shadows, confident and bold, waiting for her. Throwing aside her inhibitions and fears she rushed into his arms. Red.

 Seeing Red for the First Time

As I thought about the challenge of this week’s Wine Blogging Wednesday, I went back and forth between ideas. The challenge: What red wine would you choose to introduce a white wine drinker to the dark side? I could go light, Gamay, Beaujolais, Pinot Noir. Or I could go big, Cabernet, Bordeaux, or Zinfandel. Obviously from the story above, I chose something bold, intriguing, with lots of aroma and flavor. The wines that came to my mind were dynamic and multilayered. Going cheap would run the risk of an off balance wine that could taint the white wine lovers experience. I picked a 2004 Croze Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa (previously reviewed) and a local blend from Latah Creek Winery called Vinosity (Cab, Syrah, Zinfandel). The Croze had a nose (nice rhyme) that was intoxicating – the flavor profile was so deep. The Vinosity brings strength and sweetness that is appealing to a wide audience.



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10 comments on “The Affair Seeing Red

  1. Sip with Me!

    Touche Josh – well done!! Whatever inspired such creative imagery and intelligent metaphor? I love the way you worked your story into your wine recommendations. Very clever… great post!!

    1. drinknectar

      Tamara – you…er…your posts were a great inspiration. Speaking of that – anyone reading this comment should go to and read Tamara’s great work!

  2. Mary Cressler

    Scandalous! Did your wife read this 😉 j/k
    Nice stuff. I agree about the big and bold choice. I went big and bold too… with Zinfandel.

    1. drinknectar

      Mary, she read it. She thinks I should become a trashy book writer. :)

  3. Tim

    A bold selection for a first red wine. Nice choice. Cheers!

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  6. Joshua S Sweeney

    Wow, looks like a lot of people went big and bold for this theme. I like it. Don’t back down from those stodgy white wine drinkers!

    Fantastic extended metaphor. As someone who spent too much time in writing workshops, I’m digging it, the synesthesia, the imagery, all of it. You wife is right, to an extent… you should attempt to write a full-length piece at some point.

    1. drinknectar

      Thanks, Josh. I love writing. My biggest flaw is editing. Once I’m done, I just want to move on to the next thing.

      I appreciate the compliment.


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