Wine is Sexy Happy Valentine’s Day

I was working on a Valentine’s Day post, when @winecentury posed the question, “Is wine sexy?” I had found some sexy pictures that really got me thinking. Now, don’t get me wrong, drinking wine with James @winecentury or Joe @suburbanwino is far from sexy, but wine is the sexiest beverage there is.

While there is something very sexy about a girl who knows how to order a pint of black and tan and watching a girl do tequila shots will always get me going, wine is the sultry goddess of drink.

Consider her ways in the glass. Long slender and delicate, the stem is stretched tight like high heels and stockings. You cup the firm, round bowl of the glass in the palm of your hand feeling the anticipation of the taste. The sensual perfume tickles your nose arousing your senses to the heights of explosion. As you let the flavor wash over your tongue there is a release of passion causing your mind to rush and your cheeks to turn flush.

Wine is most definitely sexy. On this Valentine’s Day, enjoy the sultry, sexy images of wine! I want to thank for the great moments of inspiration for this post.

Sexy Wine Glass

I wonder if this is how Naked Winery harvests their grapes.

Naked Wine Picking

The following image is not for the prude or inhibited. Cheers and Drink.Happy!

Grapes WOW

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2 comments on “Wine is Sexy Happy Valentine’s Day

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  2. Naked Winery

    Not quite what harvest looks like for us. Bottle this year was more of me all bundled up with very little showing as it was on 50 some odd degrees out. Have considered naked picking…if it wasn’t for those darn rattle snakes. Great shots and yes, wine is very sexy


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