Episode #21 DOMA Coffee Roasting Company

Do you know where your coffee comes from? With words like Fair Trade, Direct Trade, Organic and Third Wave thrown around the coffee industry without much regulation, how can you trust where your coffee comes from?

DOMA (a name mash up of the owner’s sons Dominic and Marco) Coffee Roasting Company of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho is the ONLY member of the exclusive Cooperative Coffees in the Northwest (one of 22 in the US). What does this mean? DOMA has a direct relationship with the farmer who grows the coffee. By direct, we mean so direct as to physically spend time with the farmer helping them with farming practices, sharing growing and roasting information and actually working on the farm at different times. There is NO middle man. DOMA even provides proof of shipping records, receipts, and prices paid through www.fairtradeproof.org Can your coffee company say that?

In talking with owners Terry and Rebecca Patano it is evident that three things are important to them; the environment, quality, and relationships.

Some companies advertise organic coffee as a means to jump on the ‘green’ money train. DOMA lives sustainability in every aspect of their business. Certified organic roaster, 100% biodegradable bags, compost or recycle all waste material, all print materials are on recycled paper, non toxic cleaning agents and roasting on a Loring Smart Roaster (saves the equiv. of 2000 gallons of natural gas per year). All of this is in addition to the direct relationship with the farmers (as mentioned above). These efforts lead to better coffee.

While at DOMA Coffee Roasting Company, I had the privilege of watching a roasting. The 50lb batch was treated with care from the loading of the green beans to the frequent monitoring of the roaster while the temperature rose to 400 degrees. Every few minutes the beans were checked for color, quality, and aroma to ensure the perfect quality roast. At just the right moment, Jim (the roaster), smelled and saw what he was looking for and stopped the machine releasing the beautiful beans into the container. I’ve got to tell you that this was THE single most beautiful coffee smell I have ever encountered. The direct relationship ensures the quality of the original product, DOMA “takes and turns it into something special,” says Terry.

The focus on quality continues with the relationships they have with the retailers who use and sell their coffee. Each coffee stand, café, and coffee shop must go through a training program, led by trainer Greg Hjort. Greg teaches the proper techniques for brewing, pulling shots, service, and even fancy espresso art!  DOMA will work with new businesses to get their systems in place, provide input on counter set up, and more. Greg makes his rounds for quality control and to provide continuing education. What does this mean to you? It means that you will always get a quality cup of coffee or espresso wherever DOMA is sold.

When I asked what was on the horizon for DOMA Coffee Roasting Company as they celebrated their 10th year in business, Rebecca spoke to the continued desire to get better and refine the quality of the product, training and relationships they have. The whole Patano family is getting ready for an upcoming trip to a Peruvian farm to work side by side with the farmers for two weeks. Terry and Rebecca also swore me to secrecy about an upcoming “change” that they were super excited for. They also have visions of a new ‘green’ certified location at some point in the future.

When you’re out for coffee and you see the DOMA Coffee Roasting Company name, trust that you’re going to get a GREAT product that has been grown with care, tested and refined with passion, roasted with quality, and brewed with consistency.

Visit them on the internet at www.domacoffee.com and soon in the Social Media world!


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7 comments on “Episode #21 DOMA Coffee Roasting Company

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  2. Randy Watson

    I’m going to keep an eye out for DOMA!

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  4. Mike Crimmins

    Sounds like a standout coffee company. I’ve never tasted any of their coffee specifically, but I think you can tell the difference when the owners of a coffee company have that passion for what they’re doing.

    On a side note, that Fair Trade Proof site is very interesting. I wish more companies would do that.

  5. Bob Morgan

    I’ve been buying coffee from Doma since 2005 and have known Terry and Rebecca for much longer.Their passion and attention to detail is second to none! Every so often,I’ll compare Doma to some other well known roaster’s product…Doma always wins!

    1. drinknectar

      Bob, thanks for the comment. DOMA is a high class place – the people AND the coffee.

  6. Diane

    That was a very insightful review of the DOMA coffee company! Between their superb taste and business practices, we love to use their coffee at our coffee house!


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