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I realized it had been a while since I’ve done a coffee review. I’ve visited some great local coffee shops (Coffee Social – see review and Taste Cafe – review coming soon) and I’m excited about the local scene.

I was in a small local market picking up some wine for review and saw a display stand of coffee I’ve never tried. Moka Joe roasters is from Bellingham, WA. They import and roast only Fair Trade sustainably grown coffee. While some coffees designated as ‘Fair Trade’ may be a marketing ploy, the concept does provide greater profits to the local co-ops of farmers that participate. Traditional imported coffee is largely controlled by middle eastern religious groups that only funnel 1-2% of the profits go back to the local farmers.  Farm profits for fair trade coffee run around 10%.

The coffee’s tasted in this episode are both $10.95 for 12oz and can be purchased online at http://shop.mokajoe.com

Why review? I think these reviews not only help me, but they help YOU decide what to buy. These are my opinions. I often taste things I have little or no experience with. The side by side comparisons facilitate the decision-making process when you see the product in the store.

The NectarView

Cafe Feminino Peru – Medium Roast

  • The Swirl: Milk chocolate in color, cloudy
  • The Sniff: Mild aroma with characteristics of earthiness, mocha, and nutty. Decent, but only a medium low on the wake me up in the morning meter.
  • The Sip: Smooth with mild acidity.
  • The Score: If you like smooth coffee I would give it a 3+. Typically a higher premium for Fair Trade coffee, so at $10.95 per 12oz you may want to look for a better deal.

After the review, learned from the web site that this coffee is made by Peruvian women high in the Andes: (From Web Site) This is the story of women. Not just the women of rural Peru, but women throughout developing nations. Many of these women have no rights, are abandoned, are abused, and alone with children and no income.

Bolivian – Medium Dark Roast

  • The Swirl: Darker than the previous coffee with less cloudiness
  • The Sniff: Much more aromatic. Hints of cocoa, woodiness, and cherry fruit. Scores much higher on the wake me up in the morning meter
  • The Sip: BAM – this coffee woke me up. While the other was boring to me, this one had spice, acidity, and a more bold nutty chocolate flavor.
  • The Score: At $10.95 per 12oz I score this coffee a 4- I would buy it again to try in my single brew machine to see what flavor I get there.

Both coffee’s can be purchased at the Rocket Market on 43rd and Grand in Spokane or on the company web site.

Brew some coffee and enjoy life with friends and remember to DRINK.HAPPY!


Owner of Nectar Tasting Room in Spokane, WA. (@nectarwine) Publisher of Spokane Wine Magazine (@spowinemag), author, speaker, consultant and internet marketer with Nectar Media (@nectarmedia)

7 comments on “Episode #13 Moka Joe Coffee

  1. Randy Watson

    Gotta have a good cup of Joe! :)

    …especially good after a long night of drinking wine. Or even the morning after! :)


    1. drinknectar

      What coffee do you usually drink, Randy?

  2. Mike Crimmins

    Redskins? I thought being a Chicago Bears fan was rough.

    Great review. Really enjoy the way you do the reviews, especially the head to head.

    Plus, it really made me want to get clear coffee glasses.

    1. drinknectar

      Thanks – would love some re-tweet love if you get a chance.

      The first review of coffee, I did with a regular glass and I just felt the clear mug gave a better visual for the viewers.

      I do way more wine reviews that coffee, but I’ll keep them up.

      1. Mike Crimmins

        Consider it RT’ed.

        I’m starting to get more into wine, just have no idea really about wines, like I know coffees, but either way I’ll probably checking out some of your wine reviews too.

  3. Trudy Scherting

    Wow! Thank you for the feedback on our coffees. I want you to join us for cuppings in Bellingham! We are located in Bellingham, WA and if you are ever in the area, come by. You sound like you have some great perceptions on coffee and I would love to get you in our cupping room to hear some more feedback. We are located at 2118 James St., Bellingham, Wa. Let us know if you ever get close and we will be sure to sit down with you and talk about coffee. Happy Holidays! Trudy Scherting, Owner, Moka Joe.

    1. drinknectar

      Trudy – I’m glad you stopped by and saw the review. It’s not too often that I get to Bellingham – Seattle is the closest we come! Keep up the good work and giving back to the community!


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