Episode #12 The French Connection

I walked into the dimly lit room and they immediately caught my eye, seductively sitting in the back corner begging to be approached. Their style was intimidating. They had a sense of class that the others didn’t. I wrestled with how to approach. My senses were mixed. There were others in the room who seemed more my type; familiar and safe. I walked their way, struggling with what to say. Do I fumble to speak their language, do I remain silent and just admire their beauty? Their embrace was welcoming. After some stimulating conversation and laughter, I decided to take them home for a petite gorgee de trois.

French wine can be intimidating. With the long noble history, elegant labels, strict regional rules, and challenging names many Americans shy away from some great new experiences. Tonight, I decided to take two beautiful French ladies home for a little romance. Both wines hailed from the Rhone region, specifically the Cote du Rhone area that is known for its production of Grenache, Syrah, and Viognier.

These elegant sounding wines were 60% Granache and 40% Syrah (tasting notes below)

While it may be intimidating to try new things (especially ones that are difficult to pronounce), it is important to broaden your wine horizons to be able to order intelligently or even know what to enjoy (or avoid) when presented with something new. Starting with the basic offering from Rhone, Loire Valley, or Bordeaux is a perfect way to expand your taste experience.

These were not French nobility. The French maids were available for under $12 at the local wine shop and represent a lower price option for wines from the region (think Chevy vs. Cadillac). Neither were overly impressive, but I was glad for the experience because now I know what to potentially buy and what to definitely avoid.

A few words of wisdom before having your own French connection: Do your homework – investigate at Cork’d or Cellar Tracker; check your local blogs, do a Google or Bing search. The information you find can help you avoid the nasty and discover the jewels. Be confident – don’t let the fancy labels or foreign language intimidate you. Finally, be safe – have protection in the form of a designated driver. Too much of a good thing, even pretty French ladies can lead to your ruin.

The NectarView

2007 Domain de Couron

  • The Swirl: ruby garnet and well filtered
  • The Sniff: Cherry, Earth and Paper
  • The Sip: Moderate dark berry fruits, chalky, cedar. Mild alcohol and mild tannins
  • The Score: At $12 USD I score this a 3+ Better than your average $12 Australian Syrah with more structure and interest.

After thinking about this one further, I would buy it again for an alternate taste and would recommend to those wanting to slowly work their way into the world of new tastes.

2006 Paul Joubolet Aine Paralelle 45

  • The Swirl: Ruby garnet cherry color with moderate legs
  • The Sniff: Aromatically challenged but does present some earthiness and musty basement prior to the fruit.
  • The Sip: Not much fruit, a little dry chalk with a hint of blackberry finish
  • The Score: Even at $11 this is just a 3- in my book. Much better wines at this price. The wine does have a balanced flavor, just not one that I prefer.

I would pass on purchasing this wine again.

I hope this information is useful at some point (as well as entertaining). Enjoy life with friends, especially over a glass of wine.



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2 comments on “Episode #12 The French Connection

  1. Randy Watson

    Ooooh! There’s the wine glasses you were talking about… those patterns are trippy but cool! :)

    You know I’m a big fan of the French wine… actually just got back from Bordeaux a couple of months ago. Great place!

    Loire will be my next French journey bien sur! :)


  2. Randy Watson

    P.S. I also love the message at the end of the video!



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