Episode 4 The Search for a Good Wine Under $10


Now, I’m on a quest; the quest to find three good wines under $10 (maybe even under $7). Tonight, I must say, I took one for the team. It’s no secret that we drink wine. admittedly we probably drink over 200 bottles a year. My budget says, I can’t be drinking $20+ bottles every night (somewhere north of $4,000). If you’re like me, we need a few great selections we can trust. Good staples are a smooth, sweeter red, a spicy meaty red, a crisp full white, and a sweet summer white. We need that $7 trustworthy wine for daily use.

The Rocket Market (726 E 43rd Ave) is a great place to try new wines. You can count on them to have hundreds of bottles to choose from ranging from $5 – $105.

Tonight I reviewed three wines available for under $7 with hopes that one could be added to the “trusted” list.

2008 Estrella White Blend; California $5

With no pronounced varietals, I didn’t expect much, other than a white grape bland wine. I was pleasantly surprised.

  • Swirl: Good crisp color darker than a Sauvignon Blanc, but lighter than a Chardonnay
  • Sniff: Crisp nose with strong butter reminiscent of a Chardonnay. In the video I mentioned a peach smell, but after a few more sips, the strong flavor is apple, and a mild citric.
  • Sip: Butter smell carried over to the flavor. Really noticed the citric flavor here too with mild vanilla on the back end. The finish was mild without overbearing alcohol.
  • Price to Value Rating: $$$$ – this is a pretty darn good value. Not a ton of structure or distinguishing flavor, but nothing offensive either.

2008 Estrella Red Table Wine; California $5

  • Swirl: Cloudy purple color, weak legs
  • Sniff: Fruit forward, jammy smell, a little spice on the back end. Reminiscent of a Australian Syrah
  • Sip: Ick, Sugar water, weak grape juice on the front end, more structure as it sits but the best it could do is dark blackberry, strong alcohol leaving me with a chewy tongue
  • Price to Value Rating: $+, skip this one and keep searching

2008 Hacienda Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Swirl: More structure to the color, nearly see to bottom of glass, no legs
  • Sniff: Not very strong with moderate spice and pepper
  • Sip: A decent structure, not overpowering or overly-meaty like some Cabs. A mild alcohol finish. Should be consumed with food but not too over powering to be drank alone
  • Price to Value Rating: $$$ – This wine is almost there but not quite the one to add to the trusted list. If you’re in need of a decent burger wine, this could work.

After tonight’s adventure, the journey continues. I would safely add the Estrella White table wine to my list of trusted under $10, but there are already a few there. The quest continues.

Enjoy life with friends and <drink.happy>


Owner of Nectar Tasting Room in Spokane, WA. (@nectarwine) Publisher of Spokane Wine Magazine (@spowinemag), author, speaker, consultant and internet marketer with Nectar Media (@nectarmedia)

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